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What Are The Common Dorm Challenges, Tips For College Students

During your first years of college, you are probably going to live in a dormitory. While it can be fun to mingle with your roommates, there are certain challenges that you have to face. It’s important that you know these things so you can prepare accordingly.  

You Better Think Of Cleanliness  

Living in a cramped space can be an issue, most especially if your roommates are disorganized. The worst is if they leave their soiled clothes and dirty socks lying on the floor. If it is too much to handle, you need to say your piece to your roommate. It’s not nice if you will clean their mess for them. The best solution is to set boundaries. Make rules, or give them their own laundry baskets.  

Your Privacy Might Be Jeopardized  

When you are living in a shared space, you can’t exactly go around the room naked (unless you and your roommates are fine with that). Your privacy is definitely limited. If you value your privacy that much, you can always look for temporary dividers.  

If your dormitory uses a bunk bed, there are curtains specifically made for these and you can use that. At least you don’t have to worry about how you look while you sleep.    

The Personalities Might Clash  

You can’t always expect a roommate that will eventually become your best friend. There might be instances that your personality, lifestyle, values are not in line with each other. But that doesn’t mean you should be enemies. The key here is to show mutual respect.  

For example, if you have a different faith, religion, or political beliefs, there’s no need to force your roommate to change. Just let them do their thing and focus on yourself. After all, you are there to study, not to argue with them.  

The Closet Space Is Too Small  

If you are someone with lots of clothes, then living in a dormitory can be a challenge simply because the closet space is limited. And that is why even before you pack your things, make sure that choose the right wardrobe. You don’t have to bring everything. But instead, learn how to mix and match your stuff.  

In most cases, college students bring neutral and classic pieces of clothes. These are easy to work with, and you can repeat them the entire semester.  

Here’s another tip for you. You can sell all your old clothes online and get extra funds. At least you can get more quality pieces that you can use not just during college, but when you are also looking for a job.  

Your Desk Might Not Be Conducive For Studying  

As a college student, your desk plays a huge role if you want to get decent grades from your professors. And yes, the ones you can find in dormitories might not be the best ones. But the solution for that is easy. You can buy organizers from Amazon or other retail stores. Decorate it or even buy hanging shelves so you can have more space for your books and other supplies. No space is ever too little if you are just creative.  

The Different Schedules  

Another issue that you might encounter is that you and your roommate have different schedules. Perhaps they are nocturnal and would rather stay up the entire night. It could be harder for you to sleep. In that case, get a night lamp or be transparent with your roommate about your schedule. At least both of you can adjust your behavior.  

Social Pressure  

When you are living in a dorm surrounded by an already formed ‘clique’, they might invite you to parties or to join them for a regular booze session. But of course, we are not saying that you have to decline their offer every single time. In fact, we encourage you to at least have a taste of what a college party is like. Just make sure that you are responsible and that you will not get into trouble.  And then of course, learn when to politely say no. 

Even with these issues, you can still enjoy your dormitory life. It might take a while for you to get used to it, but that’s fine. After all, this could be a good training ground. Eventually, you need to learn how to get along with different people from various walks of life. You need to adjust and to be able to live comfortably around them.   

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