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What Are the Best Jobs If You Are Good in Science

Science is indeed all around us. There are many aspects and branches in Science that make our lives safer, healthier, easier, and more enjoyable. Science made a lot of impossible things possible and continuous to surprise us with the new discoveries and developments it has offered to mankind.

There are plenty of job opportunities for people who love and have a passion for Science. Ranging from medical to environmental, career advancements and salaries are also considerably lucrative in this industry. If you love solving problems, can think independently, and have a passion for discovering and creating new things, a career in Science is probably the path for you.

Top 3 High Paying Science Careers to Pursue

Are you driven to find and discover how things work? Do you love testing theories and creating technologies that can make life easier for humanity? A career in Science might be the best choice for you. Here are the top best-paying Science related careers you can pursue.

Medical Scientist

If you are interested in the field of medicine, but in no way interested in becoming a doctor, developing medicines might just be the best job for you. Medical scientists are the professionals behind the development of drugs that makes healthcare better and safer worldwide. These professionals are the ones who continuously develop and experiment on medicines that can potentially cure cancer, Alzheimer’s, and other degenerative diseases. 

Medical scientists are also responsible for developing new medical instruments and equipment that can improve the way surgeons operate on their patients. They also help in creating safer and non-invasive procedures for operating on the heart and the brain. Medical scientists also seek ways on how to treat and prevent certain diseases.

On average, a medical scientist can earn an average of $77,000. Different areas under the industry include toxicologists, neuroscientists, cancer researchers, immunochemistry, and pharmacologists. 


If you love studying the structure of space and enjoy discovering new things about the stars, planets, and the galaxy, a career in astronomy might be ideal for you. Astronomers are responsible for researching and understanding how the galaxy works and how these discoveries can affect the life we have on Earth. Performing complex mathematical calculations and the possibilities of launching spaceships in space are just about a few of the most fascinating things astronomers do.

Data gathered by astronomers from outer space, together with the theories they develop, are used to conduct research and experiments on new processes and technologies applied here on Earth. They regularly perform experiments, gather data, and analyze them accurately with the intention of presenting findings that can be later applied to other areas in Science, here and outside our galaxy.

A Ph.D in Astronomy is required to land in an entry-level career in the field. On average, an Astronomer earns an average of $114,149 monthly.


If you are fascinated by the Earth, its structures, composition, and the processes within it, a career as a Geoscientist might be for you. These professionals are the ones responsible for learning about the planet to be able to understand its past and scientifically predict its future. There are plenty of specialties under this field of Science – geochemistry, seismology, oceanography, engineering geology, petroleum geology and paleontology, to name a few.

Geoscientists are responsible for understanding earthquakes, locating petroleum deposits, preserving the environment, and seeking natural resources. They work inside laboratories and outdoors, observing how nature works and understanding how these changes can affect the future. Being good at maps, interpreting data, and having a flair for nature are a few of the common denominators for professionals inclined to work in this industry.

You will need to have a Bachelor’s Degree in Geosciences or Geology to start a career in the Geosciences industry. The average monthly salary of a Geoscientist starts at $90,890.

There are plenty of other interesting and high-paying Science related career opportunities waiting for people who enjoy nature, space, and the unknown. A career as a physicist can start at $106,840 a month. Atmospheric scientists, biochemists, biophysicists, material scientists, and hydrologists also offer exciting and high-paying careers for science enthusiasts and professionals.

Science careers are responsible for society and life that we enjoy today. The industry helps in preventing and curing diseases, developing new technologies and helps save the Earth from climate change and devastation. To pursue a career in Science, one should invest in a curious and open mind. 

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