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What are the Best Jobs if You are Good in English

Experts saw a decline in the number of students taking up an English major. And this could be discouraging for some, and they might get a different course assuming that there is no job available for them. Well, they thought wrong. Quite frankly, there are a lot of job opportunities for them. The language is important, it’s precisely the reason why non-English speakers spend ample amount of time to learn the language. In China, they hire personal tutors so they can practice speaking and writing English. This is proof of how beneficial learning the language is.   

If you have the skills, what are the most in-demand jobs waiting for you? Let’s give you some of the most lucrative ones.   


If you are good in English, you can have a strong foundation if you wish to become a lawyer. Remember, they are tasked to draft contracts and memos. That means one should be particular with the usage of words and even the punctuation.   

Technical Writer  

If you are good at writing manuals and technical instructions, then you can be a technical writer. Many companies are looking for great technical writers to complete their FAQs and even their fact sheets. While this might not require a lot of creativity, you need a different skill set, such as simplifying words and terms. This is so the market can understand the products or services without the need to ask for further help.   

Social Media Manager   

Many people think of social media managers lowly, but the job role is now significant with practically everyone online. You see, knowing how to write creatively isn’t enough to become a social media manager. Your caption should be compelling enough, most especially if your clients are businesses wanting to get traction from social media.   

Of course, if you are a new graduate, you probably won’t start as a manager but as an assistant. You can use that time to understand the technical requirements of being a social media manager. This includes learning SEO and brushing up on your copywriting skills.   

If you are good enough, you can even put up your own agency and earn a huge amount of money.   

Teacher or Tutor   

As we’ve mentioned, a lot of non-English speakers would like to learn the language. This goes for children and even adults. As English is commonly used around the world, it would be easier to communicate with other people. A business person wanting to tap a different market will surely benefit if they speak English.   

The potential as a teacher is so huge. If you enjoy being with children, then perhaps teaching in preschool in a different country will suit you best. Or if your style is more corporate, then working with professionals should be easy for you.   

Freelance Writer   

With the online world getting bigger, more people are looking for freelance writers for their blogs and even brands. This is so they could have a larger ‘real estate’ in the virtual space. It helps in building their company and getting more clients.   

Now, if you are good at English, you can write different articles and website content for various companies. You can charge per word or per project, and we must say, the pay is good, most especially if you have already established yourself as a great writer in the arena.   


You can also become an editor if you have advanced English skills. Primarily, you will check the grammar and spelling of a copy. However, you must also evaluate the quality of all the writeups. Are these compelling enough? Can they clearly send the right message to the readers?   


One of the most lucrative jobs you can get if you are good in English is being a translator or interpreter. Now, you might need additional skills here, like learning a different language. Most experts would suggest understanding Spanish and Chinese because of the potential market.   

Once you get your degree as an English major, you should never stop learning. There are certificate programs that allow you to sharpen your skills. Plus, these programs make your knowledge even more relevant. This could be your edge when applying for a job. Also, you should hone both your written and speaking abilities. That way, you can stand out from the competition, and you can guarantee the job.   

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