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What Are The Best Jobs If You Are Empathetic?

Those who have high emotional intelligence are seen as empaths. And if you are one of them, you are very lucky because there are many job opportunities waiting for you. This post will help you identify the areas where you can maximize your skills and be able to thrive as a professional. 

Healthcare Industry  

Obviously, if you are someone who is highly empathetic, the healthcare industry could be the right one for you. Just imagine this. If someone is experiencing trauma or they lost someone, it’s hard for most people to be the bearer of bad news. However, if you are empathetic, you are able to deliver the news with the least impact. It’s sort of pacifying the person so that they would be calm, and they will not show aggressive behavior.  

Counselling or Therapists 

If you are the type of person who can read someone even if they don’t tell you what they really feel, then perhaps counselling is perfect for you.  That’s because they could already see beneath the surface. They can identify if your body language reflects what you are saying.  


Being an instructor, professor or teacher isn’t a walk in the park. It takes technical skills and a lot of empathy. You see, there are different types of students. Some are good and polite, while others can be unruly. But that doesn’t mean that they’re bad. Perhaps, there are underlying reasons why they are behaving in such a manner.

As a good teacher, you must see the red flags or signs if a student needs further help. It’s one of the ways they could embrace the lessons and be able to genuinely learn more. 

Marketing Professionals  

It might seem odd for us to include marketing in this list. But just so you know, it’s one of the perfect venues if you’re an empath. This is because you can understand what people need and be able to address it accordingly. In that sense alone, you can create effective marketing campaigns and be able to target people in the best possible way. You can even highlight the emotional appeal to sell products and services.  

How To Be An Empath  

We do understand that there are people who are natural empaths. But this doesn’t mean that they are the only ones who could hold on to that skill.  

Yes, it is a skill. And that means you can learn it.  

The question now is, how can you learn to become an empathetic person? Here are some tips that can help you.  

Be Curious  

If you want to be an empath, make sure that you are always curious about the people around you. This doesn’t mean that you would want to know every bit of them and you try to examine all areas of their lives. This simply means that you have to be more interested in other people.

Rather than talking more about yourself, be an interested inquirer.  

Always Find A Common Ground  

Naturally, we always want to find our differences, but it would be better if you try to see or find a common ground. That’s how you can connect with other people. That’s how you’re going to gain their trust. That’s how you’re going to make them open more.  

But of course, this shouldn’t be your sole objective. You don’t start a conversation just to deliberately get something out of them. 

Experience More Things  

If you want to understand more people, then it’s best if you live their life. To be an empath, experts suggest that you try to live differently from what you are accustomed to. That’s how you can gain various perspectives which can help you understand more people. You can have an immersion if you want to.  

Remember, you can be an empath. Again, it’s a skill. Therefore, it’s something that can be learned. But of course, once you’ve mastered this, don’t abuse it. It’s not your ticket for butting into someone else’s life. We have to say, it’s a power which you need to use responsibly 

If you want to learn more, there are available trainings that can help you become an empath. For others, this isn’t necessary. But come to think of it, if you want to avoid conflicts, being an empath is the way to go.  

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