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What Are The Best Gifts For College Students This Thanksgiving

When looking for a Thanksgiving gift, we often end up with a cliche, “it’s the thought that counts.” It’s as if we are convincing ourselves to keep away from overthinking.

Let’s change the course of things, shall we? 

Allow us to help you get a gift that will be appreciated by your recipient. Without further ado, here are some amazing gift ideas for college students this Thanksgiving.

Power Bank

We are familiar with the power bank’s primary function, aren’t we? Obviously, it’s a great idea, cost-efficient, and of course, handy. They can use it wherever they are without worrying about their devices being drained. And right now, a number of brands are inclusive of all types of plugs for laptops and smartphones. 

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Whether they are in noisy bus stops, trains, or any public transport, this device will be a piece of serenity in their exhausting college life. It will help them to focus on studying or reset their thinking while listening to good music. Plus, it can also be a great tool if you want a good night’s rest while listening to the soothing sound of the beach. 

Laptop Cooling Pad

Most college students have their own laptop as it is considered a necessity in their academic life. Having said that, a laptop cooling pad is another useful gift to keep their battle weapon in its optimal shape. After all, you wouldn’t want your laptop to overheat after using for several hours, would you? 

Long Charging Cords 

This is surely a clever Thanksgiving gift idea for college students living in school dorms. Knowing that dormitories usually have limited power outlets, they can now plug their devices and lie down comfortably on their bed.  

Bedside Caddy

This type of organizer can be hooked at the bedside, and is considered a space saver. You can even place your books, your tablet, and even your pens. This is certainly ideal for students who are mostly absentminded. At least they won’t lose their small trinkets from now on. 

Smart Desk Led Lamp

Who would not love a led lamp that can be remotely controlled through smartphones and Alexa? If you have an additional budget to spare, this is a good buy. In fact, you can buy one for yourself too.  

Take note that these can also charge mobile phones  Moreover, there are other features you can enjoy as well. There’s an auto-off timer, memory function, and various brightness options. We have to say, you can never go wrong with a gift that has multiple functions. 

A New Set of Bed Linens

You can also get a college student a new set of bed linens. For some reason, the smell of fresh sheets can ultimately change an ambiance. It is a refresher that will keep them away from feeling exhausted when they reach their room. 

Do you have spare budget? If yes, then you can be a bit generous and choose from the list below. 

Portable Movie Theater

Dormers can’t bring along their 50″ TV in their room. It may be prohibited, and well, it’s too expensive. This handy portable projector is absolutely a champ. They can watch their favorite Netflix series with an amplified experience. Just turn off the lights and project it on your wall. 

Apparently, this is perfect for lounging the entire night. But the next one on the list is ideal if you want to push someone to be active.  

Fitness Activity Tracker 

College students will make excuses to miss hitting the gym or doing any exercises. In short, they tend to ignore their health, which is crucial nowadays. Fitness trackers will help them to be more conscious with the way they spend their day, especially if they are slacking the entire time.

A Smart Speaker

And lastly, we have a smart speaker.  We recommend a specific item called Echo Dot. Ask about the weather, or the latest news, or to play your favorite music. You can do it all with this amazing find.  And let’s not forget, it allows you to call people from your phonebook, set the alarm, control the lights, lock your door, set the thermostat, and the list can go on for days. 

Bottom line is, you have to get something that they could use. Make sure that it won’t be another dust-collector that will end up in a garage sale the next year.

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