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What Are The Best Care Packages For College Students

Christmas time is just around the corner and it would be exciting to give and receive gifts to your loved ones. Giving gifts is not limited to Christmas alone. In fact, you can send anyone your love and care through simple and small tokens of appreciation. 

Care packages are one of the popular gift ideas you can share with anyone, especially college students during Christmas or any time of the year. Sending a college care package can provide support, encourage and inspire students to get going, despite the challenges that they face every day as young adults and students.

College Care Packages Ideas Students will Love

If you are looking for the best college care package ideas for your loved ones far away from home, you have come to the right place. Here are some of the top care packages combinations perfect for any student, at any time of the year.

Laundry Care Packages

Any college student will admit that if there is one thing that can be challenging when living far from home, it would be the laundry. Although there are plenty of laundry shops available out there, doing laundry on your own can give you a lot of savings in the long run. For college students who are already used to doing their laundry, this would be a good treat to help them save time from going to the grocery.

The laundry care package is quite very basic. It is mainly composed of 3 to 5 items – soap pods, soap powder, fabric softener, and dryer sheets. If washing clothes in their dorm or current apartment is not feasible, a few quarters for laundromats would be a nice surprise you can send with love.

School Supplies

Grab your shopping bags and head to the nearest bookstore and school supply shop to grab essentials for your busy and hard-working college students. You can go as simple as pens and notebooks to extravagant pieces like a new keyboard or a table. Students would love to have fresh notebooks and several handy pens available just when they need them the most. You can also throw in some best-selling novels or a few comic books as a surprise included in this care package.

Cookies And Treats From Home

College students have the tendency to eat less or to eat more according to their budget. Give them a treat that hits close to home with goodies, cookies and other memorable dishes from home. Put together a package of their favorite treats from home and a few extras for them to enjoy during overnight study sessions or something they could easily grab for breakfast on-the-go.

Chocolate chip cookies, some chips, their favorite local delicacies and a gift card to their favorite coffee shop or restaurant can be considered very thoughtful. Add some personalized notes or a family photo with a sweet message on how you miss them being at home.

Holiday Care Packages

Some students who are staying overseas for their college education may not have the luxury of time and resources to go home during special holidays and celebrations. Do not let them miss out by bringing the holidays to them. You can gather holiday decorations, festive paper, napkins and a few treats to make your college student feel that they can celebrate the holidays with you, even from afar. If you have the budget, you might want to consider sending this care package in person, together with a surprise visit and dinner together with your loved one!

Comfy Care Packages

Are you worried about how convenient the living situation of your child is while living in their dorm or apartment? You can send them a comfy care package to ensure that they are warm and cozy, even while far away from home. New towels, a warm blanket, new pillowcases and a cute teddy bear can do the trick. You can also throw in some socks, mittens and a hoodie, perfect for the cold season. Toss in a few candles too to complete the relaxing care package for your stressed and busy college student.

There is a huge assortment and combination of care packages to choose from. You just need to imagine and be more creative in planning the perfect surprise for your young adult exploring college life away from home.

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