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Ways To Get More Members in Your College Organization

Student organizations offer college students an opportunity to learn, get to know themselves, and be part of a support group that can make life in college easier. Being part of an organization allows you to explore and hone your potentials, while developing your skills and earning friends at the same time.

Joining a student organization helps you increase self-awareness and confidence. It helps you discover new skills, broaden your horizons, and meet people that can inspire and motivate you as you transition from a young adult into the real world. Now that you are part of an organization, growing your team, to fully explore the potentials of your organization is the next challenge.

Fun Ways to Get New Members for Your College Club

The more, the merrier. Getting new members to your club does not only helps your organization increase its members, but it makes it easier to reach your mission. 

Host Events and Invite Guests

The best way to get more members for your college organization is to invite more. To add interest to every invite, it would be best to host an event to encourage more people to come. You do not have to host a party or spend a lot to get people interested with your group. Be natural and host an event that features what your organization is and what it advocates for. You are most likely to get members that share the same passions and beliefs if you do not sugar coat what your organization is. It is better to get members who will stick with the club than plenty of people who barely understand what your organization stands for. As they always say, attract the right people. 

Organize Team to Recruit Members

Working in teams can help make a difficult task easy. Group your club members into four or five with a goal of recruiting at least one new member for the next couple of months. Make it a competition. The group that brings on the most recruits gets to enjoy a club privilege that is only exclusive for the senior members or group leaders.

Team members, on the other hand, can be creative in getting new recruits. They can either send flyers, reach out to former members, bring friends during a meeting or promote the club through social media platforms. The more teams working in growing your group, the better are the chances of getting more people into your organization.

Volunteer as a Group

The best way to get people to join your cause is by introducing what your organization stands for. You can volunteer as a group and post your activities on Facebook or distribute flyers to get your organization noticed. Volunteering also allows you to meet new people, people who can potentially be members of your club too. Create positive news about your organization and let people know about the things you do. 

Market Your Organization

There are plenty of ways to market your organization to potential club members. You can send out direct email campaigns, flyers, set-up a website or have your club advertised in the local campus paper or radio station. You can also film your club activities, or testimonials from club members to be published on your website and social media. Text blast can also be an effective way to reach out to potential club members. However, do not over-promote. Too much promotion can be irritating rather than convincing to college students like you. 

Self-promotion is essential to build your organization on campus. However, ensure that what you share to people creates a positive impact and impression on your organization and not the opposite.

There are plenty of effective ways to grow the members of your college organization. You can have a booth during your school fair or festival, conduct meetings in a public location at school, or by hosting seasonal meet and greet activities with your colleagues. Hosting events related to your organization’s cause and purpose will eventually get the attention of people who can be potential members of your group. With consistent and creative recruitment techniques and ideas, and a productive and fun organization to welcome new recruits, increasing your club members is never impossible.

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