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Ways to Ace Your Essays for College 

Most of us would like to be in a great school or university. But apart from having good grades and passing the exams, one of the key requirements is to submit an essay. This could be your ticket to be given a spot in your dream academy. The question now is, how can you ensure that your essay is worthy enough? 

Here are some of the things that we’ve gathered throughout the years that could possibly help you.  

You Do Not Have To Be A Living Dictionary  

You might think that in order to get that spot, you need to write an essay where you use highfalutin and technical terms. But that’s not how things roll.  

You have to be genuine and you have to write using your heart.  

Most high school students would want to sound smart. Sadly, their entire essay doesn’t make sense anymore. So if you want to increase your chances, make sure that you’re genuine enough.  

Choose A Topic You Are Passionate About  

To make writing easier, you have to select a topic that you are passionate about. What are the things that you can talk about for hours? Chose that because most likely, you will be eager to do your research more. You would enjoy writing it because it’s not a chore for you but another part of your hobby.  

Don’t Just Tell A Story, Write What You’ve Learned From It  

Perhaps, you have a big story to tell, and you might believe that this could impress people from the university. We have to be honest, that’s not going to cut it. What you can do instead is to add your key learnings from your experiences.  

How did it change your life?  

How did it change your perspective? 

These are the things that people from the university would be more interested to learn from you. Your story alone isn’t enough to win their hearts.  

Use Humor With Caution  

If you are to use humor for your college essay, you have to be cautious. You see, humor can be different from generation to generation. What could be funny for you might be offensive to them. So, you need to think twice before adding it to your college essay.

But if you feel that it would sit well with them, then go ahead. When done properly, this could be your ammo for getting into the university.  

Don’t Rush It  

When writing an essay for college, you have to give it time. It should not be an overnight task.  

We recommend that you do this days before submission. This is so you can let it rest and read it again once you are more relaxed. Perhaps, you can add more spice to your essay in the next days. But if you’re going to rush and just do it a few hours, then it might turn out with low substance and it will not be enough to impress your admissions officer.  

Don’t Be Afraid To Have Someone Check It  

This is a step that you shouldn’t skip.  

If you are to submit your college essay, make sure that there is someone credible enough to check it. From there, take note of their feedback and improve your writing.  

If they say that it’s bad, don’t take it personally. Most likely, they just want you to give it your best shot. Don’t be afraid to ask them what could be improved and how you should provide stronger statements.  

Here’s a general tip for you.  

We understand how important it is to get into your dream university or college. But have you seen Operation Varsity Blues? 

There’s so much pressure for high school students to get into prestigious and Ivy League schools. In reality, you can get quality education as long as you want to. So, what we suggest is that you write your essay from the heart. The assessment on your essay, in our opinion, can always be subjective. And if you don’t get into that university, it doesn’t mean that you are not smart enough or that your essay is lousy.  

It’s not the end of the world and you can always have a detour. There are a lot of great schools out there where your talents and skills would be highly appreciated. So just enjoy your writing and hope for the best.

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