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Watch Out For These In College Parties And Leave

College can be filled with parties – and a lot! We are not saying that you shouldn’t attend this. In fact, we encourage you to experience going to parties. However, there are gatherings to which you might not want to say yes. So, the question now is, what are the red flags in college parties? This post can definitely help you.  

People Are Forcing You To Drink More Than You Should  

A couple of drinks should be fine. And as an adult, you should know your limitations. However, if people at the party keeps on asking you to drink more, then you might want to go home before anything else happens.  

No one should force you to drink more than you could. Think about their motive. Are they even going to help you when you get drunk?  

They Are Getting Overly Touchy  

A friendly pat on the back should be ok. But if people are already touching you on areas where they shouldn’t, then better leave. People should respect your personal space. If they don’t, then there’s no point in staying there. They will just keep on violating you.  

They Are Taking Too Much Photos  

Of course, expect that pictures will be taken during college parties. It’s sort of immortalizing the night. But there’s also a thing called ‘too much’ photos.  

Again, you have to respect all the party-goers. Maybe some got too drunk, and they fell flat on their face. Or maybe a group of ladies threw up on the carpet. Instead of taking photos, you should help these people to feel better. But if you see others making fun of them, then just go to a more sensible gathering.   

Someone Is Taking You To A Secluded Area  

This is another big red flag. If someone is asking you to be with them where party-goers aren’t invited to, immediately say no. There’s a reason why you should go out with your trusted friends. No one should be left alone. If you are a group of 5 who went to the party, then you should leave not less than 5! Keep that in mind.  

They Follow You After You Left The Party  

So you’ve decided that the party is over for you. People are now going in different directions and you are leaving as well. But for some reason, a particular person is still following you even if it is out of their direction.  

Never walk alone! That’s a first. Plus, go back to the party venue and never walk in dark areas. If necessary, call the police or make a scene so that people will notice you.  

There Are Substances  

You can have fun even without drugs and other illegal substances. If you see hints that they are about to use it, then save yourself. Even if you are not going to use it, authorities might be coming your way. And that could permanently dent your record.  

What To Do When You Are About To Go To A College Party  

Do Your Due Diligence  

If you are invited to a party, make sure that you do a bit of research. Who’s hosting it? Ask around what is expected from the party. If you hear a lot of negative remarks, then it’s best to just skip it. Remember, there are other parties that you can attend to. These are decent ones and will not risk your good track record.  

Go With Someone You Trust  

Always go to a party with a trusted person. It’s a buddy system and you should look out for one another when partying.  

Know Your Limitations  

We are not saying that you shouldn’t drink. That is of course when you are of legal age. But like a decent adult would do, don’t overdo it. You don’t have to go home drunk. After all, you still need to have the energy for the class the next morning. It’s not worth the headache.  

Meet As Much People As You Can  

College parties can be a great place to build your network. Take advantage of that. Go around and start small conversations. Even if you are not used to it, it’s a good place to try it out. Who knows if they could help you with your schoolwork? Or perhaps, they could help you when finding a job.  

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