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Watch Maid On Netflix, What College Students Can Learn From It

Are you looking for something new to watch from Netflix? You might want to check out one of its latest limited series – Maid. Earning positive reviews around the web, there is definitely intrigue surrounding the story. Based on the memoir Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay, and a Mother’s Will to Survive, written by Stephanie Land, this is definitely a heroine story to watch.

A Brief Summary

The series features Alex, the main character of the story. After escaping an abusive relationship, she was forced to earn a living with her daughter Maddy to raise and to care for.

She was unemployed, had no savings and did not even have a bank account. Alex had nothing. Government assistance was not enough to help her and Maddy to survive. Yet, with resilience and the determination to create a better future for her daughter, Alex embraced the struggle and eventually ended up triumphant in the end.

Here are some life lessons you’ll love about the series.

There Is Always A Reason For Taking The Next Step

Life can throw you lemons, pelt you with rocks and make every turn difficult. But as a mother and a woman, you are always given reasons to push yourself to take a step forward. Hardships can be deteriorating, but they can also motivate you to do better to be able to jump into a better situation. 

During the low moments of your lives, you just have to endure, take the good out of the bad experiences and use them to change your life. You just have to hold on to something to push through, in this case, Alex held on to her daughter Maddy for strength and inspiration.

Always Be Brave

Life is scary. Being alone is scary. But there will come a time that you will be left with no choice but to be brave. This is what Alex had to do to be able to survive.

She worked as a maid to pay stubs that she needed to get help from the government. She worked every day doing things that she had never done before. Quitting was never an option, no matter how upset she was with her job. She had a daughter, she dreams of a better future. 

The same is true with pursuing a diploma. Things will become hard and sometimes even harder. You can either choose to quit and disappoint yourself and your loved ones. Or, you can endure and choose to be brave to make your dreams a reality. Life is not always difficult. Hardships will definitely end, if you choose not to stay in that situation.

Strike A Balance Between The Things You Need To Do And The Things That You Love

Work is not everything. The same is true with going through college. It does not end with studying. For Alex, she got a chance to look into the life of a fulfilled woman, with a nice big house and a job with a hefty paycheck. Yet, she was alone and would only dine with her husband once a year. It is not all about making money. You need to have a life too, and a happy one.

College life is not all about your studies. You should learn outside the classroom too. Meet friends, learn how to socialize with people. You should be able to strike a balance between studying and building lasting relationships.

Of course, as you go through fulfilling your dreams of getting a degree and a diploma, it pays to stop, take a step back and connect with your families and loved ones. Finishing college does not mean that you have to miss out on the important moments in the lives of your loved ones.

Everyone struggles, although at different levels and in different episodes of one’s life. But struggling is not the end of it all. What comes after your struggle is what matters. This is what the series Maid teaches us. With courage and a purpose, you can be anything and endure anything, if you don’t give up. Losing starts when you choose to give up.

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