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Want To Be A Dean’s Lister, Here’s How 

It is true that getting good grades shouldn’t be your core goal when you are studying. However, it is also true that being a dean’s lister is an ego-booster. Plus, it could also beef up your resume. Simply put, it can give you that unfair advantage if you are looking for a job.  

This post can show you how. But before that, let’s see the benefits of being one.  

It’s An Achievement  

Wouldn’t it be nice if after all the sleepless nights and hours of studying, your efforts will be recognized? By being in the Dean’s List, you have that sense of accomplishment. And it’s also a way of reassuring yourself that you are doing something right.  

It Improves Your Chances Of Getting Hired  

As we’ve said, being a Dean’s Lister means you can add this to your resume. It leaves an impression that you are responsible and could learn fast. These things are critical when employers look for potential candidates.  

You Get To Be Invited To Exclusive Social Gatherings  

Another advantage of being a Dean’s Lister is that you get exclusive invites to gatherings. Most of the time, these social events are filled with leaders from different companies. The objective of such events is to connect with exemplary students that might join their team.  

How To Become A Dean’s Lister  

And now, let’s discuss how you can increase your chance of being included in the list. We have to tell you, it’s not easy. It takes time, effort, dedication, and the right motivation. Yet again, if you are able to achieve it, the feeling is just priceless.  

Do Your Best , Stop Thinking About Being A Dean’s Lister  

This might seem like a no-brainer advice but let’s be clear. Instead of thinking ‘How can you be a dean’s lister’. Change your mindset and think about how you can be the best student possible. That means, you will try to identify your strong and weak points. By doing so, you will be able to work on your shortcomings.  

For example, you are already good with Philosophy. You wouldn’t spend a lot of time reading your notes and books. However, if you have determined that you need a bit of help with Math, then you can focus on that.  

Study in Advance  

We also believe that studying in advance can help you retain more information. Plus, it’s easier for you to understand the lectures because you already know the basics. 

It’s imperative that you have a good study habit. Instead of just studying your lectures before the exam, you can do it piece by piece every day. With that, you won’t need to have an all-nighter, and you can answer your tests with ease.  

Talk To Your Professors  

It’s always a good idea if you touch base with your professors. This is not to ask for favors or anything. But you need to create a genuine relationship with them. Use the office hours so you can clarify concepts and even ask for tips.  

Know How You Will Be Graded  

We also encourage that you check how you will be evaluated. Identify what percentage would go to your class participation, exams, and other activities. At least you have an idea how much effort you need to exert per activity.  

Be With The Right People  

Know that your circle can influence you. And that is why it is crucial that you find the right set of friends. They don’t have to be the smartest or those who are also in the Dean’s List. But they should be motivated to learn more. They prioritize their studies, and they know how to say NO to unnecessary social gatherings and parties.  

Look For A Study Partner Or Group  

You might think that studying on your own is the best strategy. But we have to tell you, studying with other people can be effective too. At least you can exchange ideas. A good practice is to write down questions and challenge one another.  

Learn Time Management Skills  

And lastly, you must master time management skills. You see, even if you want to be a Dean’s Lister, you should keep the right balance. If you just keep on studying, you are not going to enjoy your college life. Know when to study and know when to have fun.  

Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds?  And with the right mix, you can be a Dean’s Lister, and at the same time have the most memorable experience in college. 


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