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Waiting for Your Exam Results? Here’s How to Calm Down

Waiting for an exam result can be excruciating for a lot of people. Some can take it lightly, of course, but we have different ways of reacting. In most cases, there’s this agonizing feeling that can sometimes affect our every routine. But you see, life must go on. Being idle will not help you either as your own thoughts could be your own enemy. 

So, if you just took an important and hard exam recently, here are some things that you can do to make the waiting game more bearable.  

Talk About Your Feelings to Someone You Trust 

If you are feeling uncomfortable and your emotions are all bottled up, talk to a family, a friend, or someone you trust. It’s always good to let your frustrations out. Some experts also suggest to write it down. Do what works best for you but do not contain your emotions to yourself. It’s not healthy, most especially for your mental state. 

Stop Thinking About the Exam Questions 

Sometimes, we try to recall the questions, and we force ourselves to remember if we answered it correctly. But that’s just a waste of energy. Whether you aced it or not, it wouldn’t matter. You cannot go back in time and change your mistakes. 

If your friends are talking about it all the time, you might want to distance yourself from them in the meantime. It will just make you feel anxious even more.

Write Down Your Plans 

Another activity that you can try out and has helped a lot of people is to create a plan. They categorize their plans to A and B. Plan A consists of things that they intend to do when they pass. Plan B includes all the activities that they need to accomplish when they fail the exam. You see, failing the exam is not the end. It can also bring you more opportunities that you have never imagined. 

A quick search in Google will show you the inspirational stories of business magnates and icons who once failed at some point. And so it shouldn’t be a reason for you to feel like you are less of a person. 

Improve Your Sleeping Habits 

Perhaps you’ve spent weeks of sleepless nights studying for the exam. And that means your body needs to recuperate. Make sure that you get enough rest and sleep. Try to avoid staying up late or watching too much. Yes, these are distractions but not the right type that you need. 

Stop Checking the Results Every Hour  

If your exam results are to be released online, it can be tempting to check it from time to time. But doing so will not help you. Instead of refreshing your portal every so often, just set a time per day. And then spend the rest of the day doing what you love. That brings us to our next point. 

Look for Positive Distractions 

The best way to combat anxiety is to look for positive distractions. Think about the things that you love the most. It could be camping outdoors, dancing, going to the movies, cooking, painting, or reading. Most likely, you were not able to do these things while studying for the exam. Thus, this is the perfect time to enjoy and go back to the things you love the most. 

Also, you can start forming a new hobby. The more productive it is, the better. You can start gardening or even enroll yourself in a pottery class. There are so many things you can do besides thinking about your exam results. And these things are also for your self-improvement.

Work on Your Resume  

Quite frankly, the job market gets tougher by the minute. More and more students graduate every year and you must know how you can stand out. One of the first things you have to work on is your resume. Fix it and make it look as professional as possible. You might also want to improve your online profile. If you haven’t updated your LinkedIn, then start adding your credentials. Video resume is also becoming a big hit and you might want to start doing yours as well. 

Attend Networking Events 

Lastly, look for conferences and events where you can expand your network. This takes off your mind from the exam result, and at the same time, you are building your foundation in case you need to look for a job. 


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