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Violence Against Women, Tips For College Students 

Violence against women isn’t a new thing. It has been there for centuries, and we need to find ways to protect ourselves and the society. But how can we do that?  

As college students, we have here a few tips that could help you. Until such time that there will be no violence committed against women, we have to make our stand. Such behavior should never be tolerated at all costs.  

What We Need To Do, Violence Against Women  

Educate Yourself  

First of all, you must be well-informed and educated about what¬†violence¬†against women is, the statistics, and everything in between. This is one of the ways you can protect yourself. For the longest time, there are bent views and insights. We sometimes feel that it is ok to belittle women with ‚Äėunharmful‚Äô remarks.¬†But in reality, there¬†should be no place for that.¬†¬†

Believe The Survivors  

When you are talking to a woman who experienced being violated, genuinely listen to them. Don’t question their stories. And never blame the victim. We have no idea what they’ve been through and by blaming, we are also violating them.  

Talk To The School Board  

As a college student, you must be proactive in seeking information about violence against women, specifically in your school. Are there even protocols or teams that handle complaints? Are students fully aware of these?  

You can also do your part by supporting cause and sharing the advocacy. Use the social media and talk to other university students.  

Speak Out  

When you feel that you are already being violated, you need to stand your ground and speak out. It is important that other people know that you are aware of your rights. However, we do understand that there are women who are caught off guard. It’s hard to take the next logical action because of trauma. In that case, make sure to seek professional help.  

Respect The Word NO  

We often hear this ‚ÄėNo Means No‚Äô. This must be¬†practiced at all times. In fact, we recommend that you also respect when kids say no. That way, you can instill the value and the weight of the word. They would surely remember that¬†as¬†they grow old.¬†¬†

Never Insult Guys¬†By¬†Calling Them ‚ÄėWomen‚Äô¬†

This has become a norm but when we belittle men, we often referred to them as ‚Äėladies‚Äô. But that simply means we are telling that the women are inferior. There‚Äôs no need for that and it¬†must¬†stop.¬†¬†

Learn Self Defense  

As a young lady, you should consider learning how to defend yourself. While there are pepper sprays or rape whistles available, you must know the basic self-defense techniques. This has saved a lot of lives, and it’s a great investment.  There are many classes to choose from, and it’s also a great physical activity.  

Most Offenders Are Not Strangers  

When we talk about violators, these aren’t usually the people you see on the street. More often than not, these are people whom you know. Unless you fully trust a person, always guard yourself. You will never know if they have an ill intention.  

Teach Kids Not To Resort To Violence  

It is true that children are like sponges. They absorb so much and this can form them as adults. If you are a parent or you live with children, make sure to correct them whenever they are being violent. They must never see it as a solution to resolve disputes.  

Stop Patronizing Music Objectifying Women  

There are a lot of materials online and offline where they objectify women. But if we don’t support it, the demand will stop. And people will know that enough is enough.  

Use Technology  

There are apps where you can easily send prompt to authorities when you feel you are violated. Make sure to take advantage of those.¬† You need to make the perpetrator accountable for what they did ‚Äď no excuses.¬†¬†

There are still many ways to educate and protect yourself. As a woman, you are stronger than what you think. You are not an inferior creature, and this inequality has to stop.  

In reality, the¬†violence¬†can happen anywhere, from school to work. And if you are not going to speak up, it will continue until the next generation ‚Äď and the generation after that.¬†¬†

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