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University Of The People, What Is It 

You’ve probably heard of the University of the People. But what is this all about? Is it legitimate or would you rather enroll yourself into a more traditional college and university?  

It all started when an education entrepreneur, Shai Reshef, saw the opportunity in online education. In 2009, he made a virtual university. This was the first non-profit and tuition-free accredited American university 

It’s Free  

You read that right. It’s a fully-virtual university that utilizes educational resources and volunteering professors. You do not have to pay for textbooks, courses, and even enrolment. But of course, you need to pay for minimal fees. It’s around $100 for undergraduate programs, and $200 for graduate programs.  

Yes, there are scholarships available. But expect that you will be in a long waiting list.  

It’s Legitimate  

For some people, it’s too good to be true. But yes, it is real! It is accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission and is recognized by the US Department of Education.  

What’s great about University of the People is that since it’s an accredited American degree, you already have leverage within the competition. People regard American education as high standard. Just imagine the opportunities waiting for you once you finish your degree.  

Study Anywhere  

Another advantage of considering University of the People is that you can enroll anywhere in the world. Least to say, they were pandemic-ready.  With their program, they have given many people an opportunity to get educated. Even working adults, parents, and undocumented students are able to enjoy the program.  

Programs Available  

To date, there are four undergraduate degrees available through the university. These are the following:  

  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science  
  • Associate of Science in Computer Science  
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration 
  • Associate of Science in Business Administration  

Connect With Top-Notch Universities  

For those who graduated from the University of the People, you can take advantage of its extensive connections. You can even continue your education to well-known universities such as New York University and Sapienza University.  

Can You Get A Job After?  

Many people are still skeptical about the free program from the University of the People. They think that it’s nearly impossible to get a job. However, today, 87% of the graduates already have a job – some are in top companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, and IBM. This is proof that the degree is legitimate.  

Prepare Yourself For Online Learning  

If you are ready to take your degree from the University of the People, here are some of the things you might want to consider. Prepare accordingly so you can take advantage of the learning opportunity, even if you are studying remotely.  

Get The Right Equipment  

When we say equipment, we don’t mean that you have to buy the most expensive laptops. Or that you need to get the fastest internet speed available. But if you can, try to invest in decent equipment so you can learn efficiently.  

If you can’t buy a brand new laptop, you can always get a second hand one. People will always upgrade their gadgets, and you can be on the lookout for those who would sell their old ones.  

Organize Your House  

To condition yourself, make sure that you clean your home. If possible, set a designated area where you can focus and study. There’s no need for major renovations. You just need a simple desk, a lamp, and some shelves, and you are all set.  

Most students who study online will position their desk in front of the window. The natural light can help them become more productive. You can use that technique too.  

How To Study Online  

If you think studying online is easier, you are wrong. You see, it takes a lot of dedication and focus when studying remotely. It’s because there are a lot of distractions. You shouldn’t take it lightly. And you should not consider it as inferior to traditional schools.  

If you need to set a time then do so. If you need help with your assignments, then go ahead and look for a tutor.  

The bottom line here is, if you want to get educated, it is possible. That is apparent with the existence of the University of the People.  


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