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Types Of Roommates You Might Encounter

When you are living in a dormitory or a shared apartment, you are likely to meet people with different personalities. And yes, it could be shocking at first. That is why we created this post so you can prepare. Here are the types of roommates you might encounter. Try to be empathic and try not to clash with their personalities. That way, you would be able to enjoy your stay in the dormitory.   

The One Who Never Leaves   

There’s this type of roommate where they do not leave the rooms. And yes, they tend to skip class. Most of the time, you would just see them playing online games or watching endless Netflix series. While they are harmless, you can try to engage them to be more social and to attend their classes. Plus, try not to be influenced by their ways.   

Crazy About Being Neat   

Some students or dorm-goers are an extreme neat freak. They want everything to be organized. At first, this might seem like a perfect roommate. After all, who wants a dirty room, right? But after quite some time, it can get annoying, most especially if you will hear them with snide remarks.   

The best solution for this is to agree on your personal space. They should work in their area, and you do whatever you can with your space. That way, they won’t be bothered if your side is a bit cluttered. You can even add a divider if your roommate doesn’t want an ‘eye-sore’.   

Too Much Mess   

If there’s a neat freak, then you might encounter someone from the opposite side of the world. These roommates are just extremely messy. And when we say messy, it is borderline unsanitary. They would leave their pizza boxes and would not even dare to clean your shared bathroom.   

You can involve your RA if it is too much to take. Or you can even post guidelines or schedules on who’s going to throw the trash, at least. Setting rules can help. But again, this isn’t a guarantee.   

The One With A Partner   

It is also possible to have a roommate dating someone. And this someone might spend a lot of time in your room. In some cases, they might even sleep in your shared space. If you are comfortable with it, then go ahead. However, some couples are too comfortable being intimate even in front of other people. If you are the type of person who feels awkward about it, then speak up and have a decent conversation with your roommate.   

The Passive-Aggressive   

We consider this as one of the worst types of roommates. Just imagine this. You forgot to put the trash outside, and you will see it on your bed once you come home. It can be extremely annoying, right?   

Even if you want to start a fight for such a mean behavior, you need to deal with it as real adults. Talk to your roommate. Apologize if you have shortcomings, and again, create rules that both of you will vow to follow.   

The One Who’s Always Out   

If you are a type of person who’s not comfortable mingling with others, this type of roommate is the best. They don’t stay in your room, and you would not see them most of the time. The reason could be unknown, and that’s none of your business.   

The good part is that your room can be your sanctuary and you can freely sleep even in your most embarrassing jammies. This isn’t the best though if you are looking forward to having someone to talk to when you are in the room. Well, the solution is to go outside and make friends.   

The Party Goer   

College can be filled with parties. And yes, we encourage you to attend once in a while. However, if your roommate is a social butterfly and would often bring their friends over, it could disrupt your study hours.   

The best approach is to talk to your roommate and decide on your study hours. That way, they will know if they can bring friends or if they have to behave whenever you are reviewing your lectures.   

The One Who Uses Your Things   

Unfortunately, there are roommates who think that they could use your things. This can be frustrating at times. But what you need to do is to set boundaries on things they can use. Plus, lock your cabinets so they could get a clue.   

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