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Traveling To Bali With College Friends, The Ultimate Guide

Bali Indonesia, a place where the beaches are nice, people are hospitable, the food is good, and the culture is unique. 

It’s no wonder it has become a favorite destination for tourists who want to experience nature and move away from city life. And you know what is the best way to enjoy Bali? 

Spending it with your college friends.

Here are some traveling tips you can follow to make your trip a memorable one.

Make Sure You Have the Right Set of Paperworks

As of 2016, Bali, Indonesia, allows passport holders from 169 countries to enter visa-free for 30 days. If you belong to one of these countries, then go ahead and book your ticket. 

For others, try to secure a visa at their embassy in your local country.

Covid Travel Guidelines

Be aware of the additional traveling guidelines during this Covid pandemic. The Indonesian government requires its tourist to take a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) swab test at least 2 x 24 hours before leaving. For a rapid test, they require at least 1 x 24 hours before departure. 

Make sure that you have your certificate with negative results always with you as you might encounter precautionary checkpoints that require this documentation.

Get Your Anti-Malaria Shots

Malaria is not common in Bali, but given that trees and water surround the place, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Have your group vaccinated before you leave. What you wouldn’t want to happen is for one of you to get sick while you are in a rural place.

Best Time To Visit

Bali is a tropical country, so there are two seasons to expect. The dry season usually occurs from February to September, while the rainy seasons start from October to January. During pre-Covid days, peak season is from August to December while low is from January to June.  But because of the pandemic, travel is limited so expect that the crowd wouldn’t be that much throughout the year.

Set Your Budget And Bring Enough Cash

Like any other traveling plans, it is a good practice to set a limit on your budget. This would help you and your friend from overspending and doing some impulsive shopping. There is a lot of small novelty stuff you can buy in Bali, and it is very easy to get overwhelmed. 

One thing to remember is that some of the places and resorts in Bali are rural, so expect that ATMs in the vicinity are scarce. Once you get to the airport, withdraw an amount that you think is enough for your stay. It’s better to have a small surplus of cash rather than being short.

Travel In Groups Or In Pairs

You are far away from home, and things do happen. When traveling to Bali with your friends, stay within your group or at least have a partner with you always. This gives you a better chance in case some mishaps happen.

Wandering alone in a place you are not familiar with is a recipe for disaster. This goes for swimming as well. Bali is known for its large waves, so having a buddy system every time can help prevent bad things from happening.

Stay Away From Drugs

Ok, you are partying with your college friends on one of the best beaches in the world. You’re having the time of your life, then someone approaches you and offers something that will make things wilder.

Never ever take it. This is a common scenario in Bali when someone offers party drugs or “magic mushrooms.” In Indonesia, drug trafficking is punishable by death. Stay away from it.

There are more ways you can enjoy Bali than taking that.

Respect Their Culture And Nature

Going out with friends in another country is fun. You can enjoy the company of each other and laugh your hearts out. Though locals won’t say anything about it, it’s nice to show a little respect. Besides, the place is their home. Don’t leave your trash on the beach and on the trail as well. They welcomed you wholeheartedly, so it wouldn’t hurt if you give them the respect they deserve. Simply put, treat the place as your own. 

Think about this.  You wouldn’t want anyone to trash your own home, would you?

There are a lot of cool things to do in Bali with your friends. Besides the beach, there are always cultural heritage sites to visit. If food tripping is your thing, you will not run out of it in Bali. They offer native cuisines and local delicacies that are worth trying. Just take note that before you jump in these street foods, make sure that your stomach is up to it. To be safe, stick to restaurants as they offer a cleaner variation of foods on their menu.

 So pack your bags and get your swimsuits ready. Call your friends and enjoy your vacation in Bali.

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