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Toxic Roommate, What College Students Must Do

As much as you want to have the perfect roommate in college, sometimes it just doesn’t happen. But moving out isn’t the only option. That could be the last resort if things get worse. If you are looking for more practical solutions, this post is for you.  

Let’s first define what a toxic roommate is. They are usually needy and extremely manipulative. Most of the time, they don’t think of others and it seems that the world revolves around them. It can be unbearable at times but again, there are simple solutions for this.  

Get Quality Headphones Or Earplugs  

When your roommate is noisy or loud, you can always buy a good pair of quality headphones and listen to more appealing music. With this, you can block unnecessary noise.  

By investing one, you can use it even outside your dormitory or apartment. You can wear it when you are studying in a coffee shop or if you are travelling. So getting one for yourself isn’t a bad idea.  

Divert Negative Talks  

Usually, a toxic person would always talk about negative things. It could be a gossip or bad news on repeat. In that case, you can always try to divert the conversation into a more positive one. If it doesn’t stop, then you can excuse yourself and be busy – or pretend to be one.  

Try to Minimize Your Interactions  

Negative people can affect you. So, before that happens, try to distance yourself from them. You can be casual with your roommate but set clear boundaries.  

Find A Hobby That You Can Do Outdoors  

If you haven’t tried hobbies which you can do outdoors, then it’s time that you start looking for one. It could be a great excuse whenever your roommate becomes unbearable.  

Don’t Do All The Chores  

When your roommate is being toxic in such a way that they don’t do any type of chores, then don’t do it too. If you keep on filling in for them, they tend to abuse it. Make sure that you set ground rules most especially about chores. If you can post it on the wall, then that would be great.  

Just in case they keep on missing out their responsibilities, call them out.  

Secure Your Things 

Sometimes, your toxic roommate might use your things without your consent. And yes, that can get pretty annoying. The best solution for that is to lock your cabinets. If they are using your toiletries, then don’t leave it in your bathroom.  

Speak Out 

It’s always good to open your lines of communication. If you need to call them out for being too controlling or too needy, you have to be honest. The more that you prolong it, the more that they would think their behavior is fine.  

Do What Makes You Feel Good  

There are toxic roommates who would make you feel bad. That’s dangerous. If you are not cautious enough, you might believe the things they say.  

Before that happens, you need to counteract it by doing things that you love. That way, you will feel good and remain positive. You can have your confidence intact and if ever they attempted to make you feel low about yourself, it will just bounce back.  

Get An Energy Lamp  

Did you know that there are natural light lamps that could boost your mood? If every morning, you think that your day will be low because of your toxic roommate, a little bit of aid will help you.  

Practice Meditation  

And speaking of aid, meditation works. Using your headphone listen to meditation podcasts and try to reframe your thoughts into something positive. You can’t always control the behavior of your roommate, but you can certainly control yours.  

Get Quality Pillow  

This might seem too trivial but having quality pillow can help you get quality sleep as well. And if you have a relaxing rest at night, your mood will be improved the next day. Because of that, you can downplay how toxic your roommate is and just go on with your day.  

Assess Yourself Too  

It’s easy to find the shortcomings of other people. But you also have to see if you are not toxic too. Maybe you are being annoying, and you just don’t know it. You can ask your roommates about their pet peeves and avoid doing it.  

Remember, it’s about meeting halfway. If you have that mutual respect, then you can live harmoniously with your roommate.  

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