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Top Colleges For Food Science Majors

Food Science is the basic and applied science that deals with the scientific aspects of food safety and processing. This overlaps other fields such as Agricultural Science and Nutritional Science. It also studies areas involving Biochemistry, Chemistry, Microbiology, Nutrition, and Engineering to solve real-life problems associated with the many facets of the food system. 

Many students want to pursue a career out of it. But with tons of universities to choose from, it is hard to pick which one you should go to. If you plan to take this as your major, then here are some of the top colleges offering this program.

Alabama A&M University

It is an institution that was founded in 1875 and is situated on 1,173 acres of land. It ranked as the 16th most innovative school and had 5093 undergraduate enrollment back in 2020. Some of the most popular majors offered in this university are Biological Sciences, Food Science, Criminal Justice/law enforcement administration, and Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

Cornell University

Cornell is a private institution located in Ithaca, Newyork, with 15,038 enrolled undergraduate students. With an acceptance rate of 11%, it is considered one of the well-respected universities in the state. The university is also popular with other majors such as Computer Science, Biology, Hospitality, and Tourism Management. 

University Of Florida

Ranked as the top college in Florida and 48th in America, it is located in Gainesville, Florida, and has a large enrollment of over thirty-two thousand undergraduate students. The university’s acceptance rate is at 37% and is popular with Food Science majors and with Psychology, Biology, Political Science, and Government. 

University of Georgia

Georgia alumni usually earn a starting salary of thirty-nine thousand dollars. They are considered one of the best universities in America, ranking number 11 in the country. This university is located in Athens, Georgia, and has an enrollment of 28,175 students. Other popular majors in this university are Biology, Finance, and Psychology, and it has an acceptance rate of 45%.

Michigan State University

Dubbed as one of the world’s leading universities, it is one of the most recognizable universities in the world with its esteemed, respected professors and highly ranked programs. It is located minutes away from Lansing, the capital city of Michigan, and houses some of the most diversified communities in the United States,

University Of Wisconsin

This university is a public institution located in Madison, Wisconsin, and has a reasonably competitive admission acceptance of roughly 54% percent. This university is famous for majors such as Food Science, Economics, Biology, and Information science. It is ranked the 10th out of 142 best colleges for agricultural sciences in America and number four best student life in the country.

North Carolina State University

This university is a highly rated public institution that is located in Raleigh, North Carolina. It is one of the most popular schools that offer majors in Business, Biology, Engineering, and Food Science. North Carolina is the 6th best school for Agricultural Science and the 21st out of 691 best public schools in America in terms of ranking.

Central Michigan University

It is a public institution founded in 1892 and is one of the largest universities in America. The university is situated in a 480-acre property and has a total of 13,048 students. If you want to have that laidback and rural vibe, then this school is for you. This university is located at Mount Pleasant, about 150 miles northwest of Detroit, and offers a wide range of bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. 

California State University-Fresno

Founded in 1911, California State University-Fresno is situated at the foot of the Sierra Nevada range. Also known as the Fresno State, the campus is surrounded by the region’s natural beauty, which includes various tourist sites such as the Yosemite National Park and San Joaquin Valley.

These are the top colleges for Food Science majors. Just keep in mind that at the end of the day, your success in this specific major relies not just on your school but on yourself as well. You need to establish a good study habit and always keep your eye on your goal. No matter how good your school is, it’s nothing if you don’t put any effort into studying.

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