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Top 7 Online Degree Programs for People Who Hate Math

Several students struggle with math at some point. The good news is, there are plenty of educational programs that don’t require a head for math. Luckily, they don’t require heavy math skills, but the question is, do they help our future prospects of lending a good job? Of course, they do – as long as you ensure that you secure good grades throughout the program.

Here are some of the most popular non-math majors. All these major career options are offered fully online. One would benefit a lot form pursuing these degrees as they not only offer convenient accessing hours, but also improve your career opportunities.

1.    Marketing

A marketing degree is a degree that does not require advanced math knowledge, but rather usually just an simple Algebra class and an introductory Statistics class. A marketing major gives students a strong professional education and a broad liberal-arts background. It is one of the highest paying majors with an average salary of over $130,000 per year. Though some accounting and finance is involved, you can pay someone to help you with your coursework if you find a certain subject too challenging.

Marketing can further be divided into sales, retailing, advertising, digital marketing and social media marketing. Of these, sales is probably the most popular field providing more opportunities and higher paying jobs then the rest.

2.    Management

A major in management prepares us to manage and oversee various business activities. It can lead to different career paths as almost every organization and department usually has space for a managerial role. It is also important to many existing professionals to get that well deserved promotion easier.  If the business world appeals to you, pair the management degree with a field that interests you, and you’ll likely end up with a high-paying job.

3.    Nursing

A major in nursing can be incredibly diverse and broad. Currently, it is a promising field with many opportunities and above average salary. However, both the nature of work and the level of work, could be a bit intense as extensive care on your part is required. That is due to longer shifts compared to other fields. You’ll be expected to be on your feet nearly the whole day as you tend to meet patients’ physical as well as emotional needs. Plus, you must be empathic and have good communication skills so that the patients feel at ease and comfortable having you look after them. If you are open to these challenges, a major in nursing opens doors to an exciting career in the healthcare industry.

4.    English

English is another degree that does not require the use of math, but heightens the awareness of the power of the English Language. The major focuses on a wide variety of subjects including literature, reading and writing. Grammar and composition may also be discussed in some of the courses. Generally, the graduates take up positions as writers, editors and communication managers as they pass college and enter the corporate world. The average starting salary is a little over $60,000.

5.    Human Resources

Human resources is a field that is constantly in high demand and almost every major company needs HR specialists. HR personnel are much sought-after for recruitment, employee training, payroll, compliance and other tasks. They increase organizational effectiveness and satisfy employee’ needs. Average salary is more than $59,000 a year.

6.    Education

With a desire to spread knowledge, many students prefer education to be their major. Teaching is probably the most influential profession as it impacts the economy and a country’s future. It makes a difference in the lives of children and adults alike. Should you choose education as your degree, you’ll also have to decide which subjects and what grade you will teach. Talking about salaries, college and university teachers are paid more. The higher the position the higher the qualifications required. In some cases, a doctorate degree and a certain minimum number of publications may also be required.

7.    Social Sciences

Social sciences students have a variety of options. The social science degree covers a number of fields such as psychology, economics and sociology courses. For instance, psychology is related to the human brain whereas sociology studies human behavior, and the manner in which social institutes operate and function. People who major in social sciences work as economic developers, city planners and social workers. This and many other diverse fields are all available to them thanks to their strong academic foundation together with their impeccable oral and written communication.

Trying to earn a degree while working full-time can be a tough job, but there are several high-quality online courses that ensure education excellence. Yes, they might sound Tough, but all you have to do is sign up for your favorite courses, to have a ‘Can Do’ attitude and put in the effort. However, if you still don’t get the grades you want, seek help for your assignments online. Feel free to reach out to us if you need help throughout your degree to get  that extra help in achieving your academic goals.

Pay someone to do my online math class.

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