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Top 5 online college majors that are trending in 2020

Choosing to go to school online now allows for students to pursue more majors than ever before. If your goal is to get your money’s worth, though, you should be on the lookout for a major with real earnings potential. Below are five of the online college majors that are trending in 2020.


Whether your goal is to become a teacher or an administrator, more and more students are turning to online programs in order to get education degrees. These degrees tend to give students the same kind of education they’d receive in-person in online settings, while still allowing students to work as student teachers to complete their degrees. These degrees are especially popular – and useful – for those who are already teaching, as it becomes easier for an individual to see a significant pay increase once he or she gets a master’s or doctorate.

Average First Year Salary: $38,617

Software Developer

While virtually every computer-related degree is experiencing a surge these days, but it seems like Software Developers are among the highest in demand. Getting a degree that focuses on information sciences or information technology with a specialization in software development is not only incredibly popular right now, but it seems to be a safe pathway to a good career. Whether your goal is to design your own programs or to work for a company that’s already established, this degree can be a key part of your journey to a successful future.

Average First Year Salary: $72,117

Nurse Practitioner

It’s the medical degrees that seem to really be growing online, especially in fields like nursing. You’ll already need a nursing degree to qualify for one of these programs and you’ll be expected to pass master’s level courses in order to graduate. Those who receive these degrees also have to get certified, but doing so will allow them to get into a career field with an average salary in the six-figure range. If you are already a nurse, this may be the best degree for you to pursue.

Average First Year Salary: $105,546

Physician Assistant

If you’re looking for a career in medicine that doesn’t require a residency or going to medical school, this might be the best choice for you. A PA can expect to make over one hundred thousand dollars a year, and their experience and expertise are in high demand. Employed in hospitals, clinics, and elsewhere, physician assistants make up an important part of the medical community. If your goal is to be part of the healthcare field and you want to go to class online, this might be the best degree for you to pursue.

Average First Year Salary: $88,227


As one might expect, working in the medical field looks to be fairly lucrative for many years to come. There are a number of schools that offer online pharmacology degrees, though students should note that it’s higher to the upper-level degrees online. Students who follow this path not only have excellent employment prospects for the next few years, but they can expect to see both significant career growth and higher salaries as they gain experience and as the need for more educated individuals in these positions grow. If you’re looking for a field with real potential, this might be your best bet.

Average First Year Salary: $78,752

These are just five of the fastest-growing and in-demand majors that are available online. All of these degrees are not only offered at some of the leading online schools, but they’re all have incredible employment potential once you graduate. If you’re going to school online, you definitely owe it to yourself to take a look at these trending majors before you decide on a career path.

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