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Top 5 Careers available to Business graduates

Earning a bachelor’s degree in Business can open the door to many exciting and lucrative jobs. A student who majors in business will often specialize in an area of the field that is of interest, such as finances, management, or human resources. Here are some of the most popular careers that business students may want to plan for.

Bank Officer

A business degree graduate may be interested in establishing a career in banking. Typically, the business expert will hold an administrative position that oversees a certain unit or department within the corporation, such as investments or international currency. Helping customers to use their money wisely can be a position of personal satisfaction as well as professional success.

Loan Administrator

Although a college degree is not required for everyone to coordinate loans with the public, it can greatly help by providing education and experience in the field of finance. A loan administrator may work for a bank or a lending company, or may decide to become self-employed. The administrator serves in a managerial position to oversee the department or company policies and ensure compliance with federal laws. In this role, the business graduate also works with customers to provide high-qualify financial advice and service in administering the loan that best suits their needs.

Business Manager

Managers are needed in every type of business at various levels, from introductory to high-level positions. A manager is responsible for the success of the unit that is being supervised and guided under his or her authority. A business graduate can apply to companies of interest when job openings for business managers become available that meet their interest, such as managing a car part store or a fashion retail shop. Just about every imaginable business requires the services of a business manager, so you will have your pick of companies to apply to when you graduate with a business degree.

Financial Analyst

In this role, the business graduate will analyze the financial operations of one or more companies to develop policies and strategies that are likely to make the unit successful. This can be done in many ways, including a timeline spreadsheet, a cost comparison of several expenditures within the unit, and comparing available data with similar figures from comparative organizations. They can then create a tentative forecast that helps to guide the company’s financial dealings for the future.


Business students who are interested in accounting may decide to apply for an accountant job when they graduate. An accountant can be a self-employed person who helps members of a community to prepare their tax filings each year. Or an accountant may work for a large company, either individually or as part of an accounting department, to oversee the organization’s finances and ensure that the financials are federally compliant and maintained in scrupulous accuracy.

As you can see, there are many kinds of careers that become available with a business degree. Business is a versatile major that provides opportunities for a range of career positions. Whether working locally or halfway around the world, a business graduate can choose from many worthwhile and lucrative jobs.

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