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Tips To Make You Smarter This Semester

As long as you are alive, you should never stop improving. Let’s just say you are deemed to be smart. That doesn’t mean you should not look for ways to become smarter. And this post will share with you some of the tips that will help you become better. Follow these tips this semester and you would be surprised how amazing your grades would be.  

Don’t forget to share the same techniques with your friends.  

Write Down Your School Calendar  

This might seem like an odd tip, right? But if you want to be smarter, you should be able to manage your time. And you can do this if you will plot your schedule. It doesn’t matter if you use a traditional planner or a digital one. As long as you keep yourself updated with your class schedule, you would be able to finish tasks on time and study for your next exam.  

Always Have A To-Do List Everyday  

It’s important that you plan your day ahead. We recommend that every morning, you write down the things that you wish to accomplish. Do you have a report due two weeks from now? Then maybe you can add to your schedule that you have to do an hour of research. Do you need to study for an exam next week? Then read at least 30 minutes a day.  

If possible, create a to-do list the night before. At least you can condition yourself for the next day.  

Here’s a great tip for everyone. While we are asking you to write down all your to-do list, this doesn’t mean you should never learn how to be flexible. At times, you will need to drop tasks because something important comes along. Don’t get frustrated. You don’t have to panic. But instead, learn how you can be flexible.  

Look For A Dedicated Study Space  

What’s good about choosing a study area is that when you sit down at your desk, you are already telling your brain that it is time to study. If you are living in a dormitory, even a small desk should do you good. However, we understand that there are a few people who function well in places like coffee shops and school grounds. Those are good places as well. Just know which works for you.  

Try The Pomodoro Technique  

Have you ever heard of the Pomodoro technique? This is a good strategy if you want to get as much done when you are studying. With this technique, you set an alarm clock for a certain period of time where you are compelled to hyper-focus. That means you will not do anything but just to study or to focus on your schoolwork. And then when the timer comes off, you can rest and do things not related to your studies. This gives your brain time to relax, and you will be pumped up to learn more.   

This technique is advisable both for students and for those who are already working.  

Practice Parkinson’s Law  

Generally, we wouldn’t recommend that you finish your tasks at the last minute. However, this could be a good practice as well. That way, you can try to see how much you can do within a small-time frame.  

The danger of doing this is that there might be emergencies and you will have to drop your tasks. And if you are doing a report for your professor, you might miss the deadline. Use this with caution.  

Write Down Your Distractions  

If you have ever experienced studying for your calculus exam and then suddenly you remembered you have to call your friend, that’s already a form of distraction. To help you manage it, we recommend that you have a piece of paper beside you. That’s going to be your distraction log. Write down all the unnecessary thoughts and review them once you are done with your schoolwork.  

Don’t Forget To Rest  

Remember the Pomodoro technique and how it forces you to take a rest for a bit? When you are on your rest period, you can try to get a cup of coffee, or maybe have a quick run around the campus.  

Think of a machine that has been running for hours. Eventually, it will die down because we are overusing it. The same principle applies to our brain, and that is why you have to give it some needed rest.  

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