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Tips To Be Productive Without An Internship, College Guide

Let’s say that most of your friends are having an internship. And you are there, at your home, practically doing nothing. Well, if you need to take a rest, that’s fine. However, when your resting period is over, you need to be productive. That way, you can hone and sharpen your skills. Eventually, you will use these experiences as you finish your college degree.   

The question now is, how can you be productive without an internship. There are a lot of things you can do and let us share some of these with you.   

Volunteer As A Research Assistant At The University   

It would be good to spend your time at the university doing research. You can reach out to your professors and ask if they need help. Don’t expect that you’d get paid for it. But imagine all the things you get to learn along the way. You will be compelled to look and to understand the resources. And that alone is already an investment for yourself.   

Take Summer Courses   

If possible, take a few summer courses. This will allow you to get ahead of your major or to catch up on your general education. Many students enjoy summer courses because the university is less crowded and they can focus more on their studies. Having said that, your GPA could improve.   

Volunteer At The Community   

If you want to take a break from school and wish to go home, that’s perfectly ok. However, to be productive, we recommend that you volunteer even in your community. Perhaps, there are organizations that need help. Look for animal shelters, retirement homes, or orphanages where you can provide your services. The feeling of giving back or paying it forward is just so amazing. In addition, you get to learn a new perspective which can shape you to become a better person.   

Get A Part-Time Job   

Having a job is always a good idea. And we are not just talking about the money or income you’d get from it. When you get a real job, you will understand how things work in the ‘real world.’ Thus, you will be able to form discipline and even patience. These are all essential once you step out of the university.   

It doesn’t matter if you take babysitting jobs, or if you wait tables, or you work online. Again, there is more to the job role or job title. What you should be after are the learnings, experience, and network you’d take from it.   

Clean Up And Start A Garage Sale   

It’s probably the best time to declutter and start a garage sale. Or, you can sell your things on eBay or Craigslist. You would be surprised how many people would want to purchase your old stuff. And obviously, that’s extra income for you. Use that to treat yourself or to come up with a small business. And this leads us to the next point.  

Start Your Own Business   

Who says you can’t start a business as early as now? Even if you do not have an internship, you can still learn a lot as you try to build your empire. We recommend thinking of low-risk opportunities. Try to come up with a business plan. This is a good mental practice and who knows if it would be successful?   

Look For Conferences and Events   

Instead of just lounging on your couch, why don’t you look for conferences and events near your place? Usually, these conferences will give you industry updates. At least you will always be ahead of the game. And again, as we always say, this is a good avenue to look for networks.   

Attend Online Courses    

Also, there are several online courses that you can attend while you are not having an internship. You can check out Udemy or Coursera. Remember, life is a learning journey, and you should always leave room for improvement. These are usually short courses but could help you start a new skill.   

Start Your Portfolio   

And of course, use the time to start or improve your portfolio. Don’t do this at the last minute. And when the time comes that you have to apply, then the process will be a whole lot easier for you. There are free websites where you can build your portfolio like Wix. Check it now. 

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