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Tips On How To Create Your Personal Website To Impress Employers 

In today’s competitive age, everyone should have a digital footprint. Yes, you may have your social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram, but having your own personal website would give you that competitive advantage when it comes to employers. Now, the question is how? Here are some tips on how to create your own personal website to impress employers.

It’s Not Rocket Science 

Worry not as you don’t have to be a genius or a computer whiz kid to start your own website. Some people may think that it requires coding abilities to create websites. What they don’t realize is that there are readily available platforms that can help you create your site and make it look like it was professionally done. WIX, GoDaddy, Squarespace, and Ionos are just a few examples. These platforms are user-friendly and make creating websites easy as counting one, two, and three. 

A Site That Builds Your Image

You may think that as a college student, you may not have that much in your portfolio to put into your site. But as long as you have a story to tell about yourself, then you are good to go. Your personal site could give people a glimpse of you and what your capabilities are.

Register Your Domain

When creating your domain, it is better to have something that can be easily identifiable to yourself. Also, this would be the best time to check if the domain you have chosen is still available. Once completed, then you can start working on what to put in.

Start With The Basic

When starting your website, choose a design on how you would like it to look. Once you have made a decision, then you can start filling in the content. Start your site with a personal statement. Tell a background story about yourself. This would become your “elevator pitch,” so when people visit your website, this would be the first thing they would see. 

Include a  professional headshot of yourself. It’s always better to have a face attached to a name so employers can easily see who you are at a glance. 

This would also be a good time to itemize your personal skills and achievements. You can also include commendations from people you have come to work with. This would help create an excellent first impression for you. 

Just make sure that you only highlight things that can benefit you in a workplace setting. 

Finally, do not forget to include your contact information. Include your email and phone number where anyone who visits your website can easily contact you. What you don’t want to happen is for someone to like your portfolio but couldn’t find any contact details to reach you.

Make Your Website Easy To Read

Have you ever experienced a time wherein you get overwhelmed with what you are reading that you just end up stopping? This is the same thing as your website. 

Keep all your information organized and relevant. Trying to put in too much information in one place will confuse the readers, leading to people losing interest. 

If you have many things to include, then it would be a good idea to try and organize them so that people could comprehend what you are trying to say to them. For example, create separate sections in your site that would help your readers direct themselves to things that they want to know about you.  

Your Website, Your Rules

Since the website would represent who you are, try creating it using your own style. You can choose what background color you want, the font styles you prefer, all the small details that would make your website show “you” and not just another generic template. 

Remember that this website should reflect your personality. Just make sure that whatever style you create,  it should be clear and readable.

There are tons of professional website makers out there. For a fee, they can create a website for you based on how you would like it to be. This is good if you have the resources to afford it. If not, then you have to do it on your own. Tackling this by yourself is no easy task. It may be challenging, but remember, it is not impossible. Also, keep in mind that as your career progresses, your website should be updated regularly. 

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