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Tips for Good Customer Care, Entrepreneur Guide for College Students  

When you are starting a business, it’s not enough that you have a good product or services to offer. You also have to hone your customer service skills. That way, you can win loyal customers and you can sustain your business.   

If you wish to improve that specific skill set, then this post is for you. Practice these things regularly and you can naturally get customers day after day.   

Speak Positive Language   

When speaking, make sure that you use positive language. This specifically works when you are talking to an irate customer. For example, instead of saying, ‘Don’t try this one’. A positive version would be, ‘You can try this, and let’s see if this will work.’ It can neutralize an otherwise stressful event for your customer.   

Learn How To Listen Activity And Attentively  

First of all, you need to listen to your customers. Know what they want, and their exact concerns. That way, you can proactively respond to their issues. Often times, business owners tend to be biased with their products and services. They may feel that it’s the best in the market. But of course, your market will know better. Listen to them and take note of what they say.   

Practice Empathy   

While some people are born to be highly-empathic, it’s a skill that can be improved over time. Empathy means you’d see where your customers are coming from. You try to see the issues through their eyes. And because of that, you will understand them better.   

Learn When To Apologize   

There will be times that you will fall short in terms of your business, and your customers will feel and experience that. In that case, don’t conceal the errors. Admit it and propose a solution. Your honesty can go a long way and that could also be a good point of improvement for your business.   

Know Your Trigger Points   

It is also crucial that you know what makes you tick. If you know what could make you angry or irate, you are likely to control it. Simply put, knowing yourself is one of the best ways you can deliver optimal customer service too.   

If you feel that you are losing it already, learn a few breathing techniques. Or, you can delay your conversation. The bottom line is, avoid totally losing control.   

Practice Your Spiels   

Even if you know your business by heart, you have to practice your spiels when talking to your customers. You can ask your families and friends to help you with this one. Let them ask you questions about your business and answer it accordingly. Try not to use jargon if you are offering technical services or products. If they can’t understand what you are explaining, then it’s better to fine-tune your spiels.  

Automate Wherever Possible   

In today’s age, customers are all about efficiency. They want to get everything in the fastest possible time. And if you are running a business, try to see where you can automate things. It could be with your chatbot or when your customers process orders.   

We understand that as a college student, you might have a limited budget. But automation doesn’t mean you need to spend a hefty amount. Take for example Facebook. You can create an auto-response just in case you can’t look at your messages 24/7.   

Ask The Right Questions   

Also, we encourage you to know how to ask questions. But of course, don’t ask random questions just to get a connection. Instead, be curious. Understand further what your customers are saying. And if you are not sure, don’t be afraid to reconfirm. One of the worst things that could happen is to provide the wrong solution.    

Know How To Prioritize   

What if there are several issues to face and you don’t have enough manpower? The key here is to know how to prioritize. Which concerns need to be addressed right away? However, you should at least acknowledge all issues as soon as you can and work on it. If necessary, provide updates to your customers.   

Attend Workshop And Seminars   

Lastly, there are online courses that you can attend where you can learn more about customer service. We suggest that you invest in those because it could greatly help.    

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