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Things You Should Never Do While Studying In The University 

Studying in a university is like a glimpse of what life is like in the real world. Outside, no one will tell you what to do since you have your own free will. But your decisions and your actions will dictate what will happen with your life.

It goes the same in a university. Even though no one is telling you what to do, it is nice if you have certain guidelines to keep you on the right path.  Make your college life easy and worthwhile. Here are some things that you should never do while studying at the university.

Rely On Your Peers For Notes

Study shows that writing what you are hearing makes you absorb the information better. That is why it is important that you write your notes rather than borrow your friend’s copy. Making your own notes is a good study habit that can help you understand your topics better. Plus, it makes it easier to review since you can put the notes in your own words. You can also write down questions that you can ask your professors to make things clearer.

Hesitate To Ask Questions

There is no such thing as stupid questions. If you don’t understand a particular topic, voice it out. If you are not that confident to ask during class, use your professor’s office hours to clarify it. If you don’t ask questions, then your professor would assume that you understand the subject. You are just making it harder for yourself, making it more challenging to keep up on the next topic.

Compare Yourself To Others

It is nice to motivate yourself by trying to idolize a particular person. But the constant comparison is also not good as you might end up anxious if you have failed to meet your benchmark. 

Rather than comparing yourself with other people, just try to do your best and set your personal goal. Do it gradually, and do not expect a sudden jump in your performance. Set your previous performance as your benchmark and try to beat it. Sooner or later, you will see the improvement that you are aiming for.

Be Scared To Make Mistakes

Some students are too afraid to commit mistakes. As a college student, you sometimes make wrong judgments. But according to research, people who commit mistakes learn better than those who always get it right. People tend to remember things that are challenging for them and things that they fail at. So if you fail at something, go over it and see where the problem is to avoid committing the same mistake twice.


Nothing good comes out of procrastinating. It can be tempting just to chill and not worry about anything. But doing things ahead of schedule would help lessen your anxiety and stress, especially during examination week and submissions of project deadlines. The sooner you accomplish your task, the more time you can relax. Things are calmer when you know you are in control.


One reason why a lot of college students are stressed is that most of them are cramming. Some feel that their task is easy only to find out that it is more complicated than they expected. That is why you must study ahead of time and try to have good time management. When you study, try to break it down into small increments that you can easily understand rather than studying everything simultaneously.

Relying Too Much On Stimulants

Coffee and energy drinks are college student’s best friends. But relying too much on them would cause you more harm than good. Yes, you may get a temporary boost of energy, but there would also be a significant drop, which often happens when you need energy the most.

Drinking too much of these things also disrupts your sleeping pattern. Too much caffeine also has health implications as it can lead to anxiety and an increase in heart rate, which may lead to a more serious illness.

Lose Your Motivation

There would come a time that you feel demotivated, either because of a failure or extreme fatigue. But don’t lose your hope and keep yourself motivated. That is why you must have a profound reason why you are doing certain things. It would help fuel your drive to keep you pushing forward when faced with challenges.

Remember that studying at a university can be stressful, but there are things that you can do to avoid it. College life is challenging, but it is up to you to find a way to make it more bearable.

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