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The Ultimate Guide To Finding Housing In College

Whether you plan on moving out of state for college or commuting from a nearby town finding housing in college is a complex process. Many students have unanswered questions, solid concerns and residual anxiety at the thought of finding their first home away from home. Though finding housing in college is a big task that involves mature decision-making skills, you aren’t alone. Thousands of college students go through the same process every year, and there are steps you can take to make the search easier.

Get Support

Before you embark on this journey you will want to seek out a support system that can help provide guidance in decision-making, in-person interviews with potential landlords and resources for acceptable college housing.

College Staff

Professional staff who are affiliated with the college can be a great resource. Though colleges call these individuals and apartments by different names, these housing counselors can provide information about mandatory collegiate housing policy, potential housing areas nearby and quality of homes in specific areas. They can also put you in touch with senior students to form essential relationships that will make you feel comfortable in your decision.

Current Students

While it may be difficult to connect with current students while you are still a prospective college attendee, if you do know any students at the college they can be a great resource for directing your housing search. They will have connections, insight and advice that may not be available elsewhere.

Parental or Family Support

One of the greatest sources of support for new students during this time will be their parents or family members. People who love and care about you and are willing to take the time to go on walk-throughs, meet with advisors and help evaluate your options alongside you will make the process so much easier.

Consider Any College Regulations

Doing your research before signing a lease is crucial when finding college housing. While some colleges have no preference over student living situations, others have strict guidelines that must be adhered to. For example, some colleges require that students who live a certain distance from campus must live on campus for their first year. Others have different housing restrictions based on gender, interests or grade level, to name a few. Visit with your college’s housing office to find out these rules and regulations before attempting to view any options to save you time and hassle.

On-Campus Housing Offers Advantages

If your college offers on-campus housing, it is strongly suggested to at least consider these options. They often provide great entry-level housing with nearby amenities and support for students who are new to living on their own. Colleges typically have dorms, housing areas or allocated apartments that allow students to maintain unique lease agreements that consider challenges college students may have.


One of the most historic types of collegiate housing are dormitories, or “dorms.” These are usually multi-unit building that have “Resident Assistants,” or “RAs” assigned to floors to ensure safety and curfew regulation. These provide an independent, yet controlled method of housing for college students.


A step up from dormitories, campus apartments offer a bit more independence while still being nearby campus and perhaps under campus rule. Roommates may be available, as well as allocated parking and dining resources.


Duplexes are a great option for older college students, because they provide a high level of freedom while still being affordable and encouraging student connection. Many colleges opt to work with nearby duplex contractors or housing authorities to declare entire areas as student housing.

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