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The Risk Of Going Back To School After The Pandemic, How To Protect Yourself

It has been more than 18 months since the pandemic took away students from their classrooms. Suddenly, we were all forced to adapt to studying at home, a challenge for both parents, educators, and students. 

Today, the same demographics are facing another challenge in terms of delivering and acquiring education. As schools begin to open their doors to students, parents and guardians alike face fears and worries on sending their kids back to face-to-face schooling.

Risks and Fears Parents Face With Normal Schooling

It is normal to have worries, especially among parents whose children are returning back to school. Although herd immunization is being practiced in almost every state in America, the risk of getting infected with Covid-19 is still there. Here are some of the common worries parents and students alike face in a post pandemic school setup.

Unprepared Schools

Most schools and universities are equipping themselves with knowledge, restrictions and practices that would help lower the risk of exposure among their students and faculty members. However, some parents think that these efforts may not be enough to keep their children safe at school.

Herd Infection Among Younger Students

Unlike college students who are practically adults, younger students may be quite more difficult to discipline. Younger kids tend to be careless and may not be as good in following restrictions and safety protocols at school.

Although precautions amongst schools and their faculties are in place, the guarantee that kids are indeed safe and risk-free from the virus is still there.

Changing Styles in Learning

After the challenge of homeschooling, parents and students are now facing the adjustments that they may have to adapt to as they transition from homeschooling and online schooling to face-to-face setup. Some kids and students are already well adapted to the new norm that going back to the usual methods might be difficult.

How To Protect Yourself As Classroom Doors Begin To Open

One of the biggest challenges for parents and students as they begin to go back to school is safety. Here are effective ways on how you can protect yourself and ensure your safety as you return to the classroom.

Reinforce Everyday Precautions

Although using alcohol and wearing masks has been a habit we have all began to adapt to, constant reminders can go a long way.

Even with vaccination in place, it is still important to practice social distance at all times. Covid-19 spreads from person to person. While the vaccine may prove to be a strong protection against the severe effects of the illness, no vaccine guarantees 100% prevention. Remind yourself and your classmates to stay within safe distance from everyone.

Although masks are starting to become less of a staple in areas where herd immunizations are already implemented, wearing one adds a layer of protection. It protects the student from possible infection and helps the people around them. 

Help Keep Schools As Safe As Possible

Since you will be spending most of  your time at school, it is important to keep the space a safe sanctuary for everyone. Know whether your school is proactive in implementing safety measures that reduces the risk of getting infected.

Identify whether the teachers and staff are all vaccinated. Were changes made to the classrooms, hallways, school bus, cafeteria were done to implement social distancing? Are handwashing opportunities readily available? What are the school’s practices when it comes to disinfection? Is the school implementing SOPs when students or teachers test positive for Covid-19?

The more plans and precautions a school implements, the better.

Even as the number of Covid-19 goes down and as we begin to go back to our normal lives, risks are still there. Being fully vaccinated does not guarantee our safety. We are still in a generation where precautionary measures are needed as we adapt to the new normal in this post pandemic time.

Now that schools, together with other establishments are slowly welcoming us back, trying to be at a level where we consider normal, it pays to be cautious and to always practice safety precautions to keep one safe and far from the disease.

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