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The History of Homework

We’re sure that the last thing you want to hear is more on the history of homework! If you thought online classes would provide a break from homework, you don’t know how wrong you are! Online courses are designed in such a way that they meet the standards of in real life classes – that means usually plenty of homework!

Homework has been an annoyance on all of our lives at some point or the other. So much so that we’re sure you have thought about how much easier it would be to pay someone to do your homework for you!  And that is exactly why we think it is important to know where it originated from. Bear with us; it gets better towards the end!

The Origins of Homework

It’s been centuries since the concept of homework came about. In fact it can be traced back to Ancient Rome when an infamous teacher Pliny, the Younger, asked his pupils to take part in at home activities.

The real inventor of homework, however, is far more recent. In 1905, Roberto Nevilis assigned his students homework as a form of punishment. Since then, the trend caught on and soon it became institutionalized. Now you know who to curse the next time the pressure of never ending homework is getting to you!

Why Homework Became Popular

Despite the history of homework, arguments made in favor of assigning homework claim that it is a form of independent study that assess a student’s ability to study and understand concepts without persistent guidance. It is also said that it helps student’s retain information since the things that they study in class are revised at home.

If a child was to only study something in class and never look at it again, they would most probably forget everything that they were taught.

Is This True?

The question then arises, is whether or not homework actually fulfills the purpose mentioned above. We believe that the answer is a glaring no. The education system is faulty. School hours are long, the course material is not engaging and often time’s homework just becomes a source of anxiety and stress. This, of course, is a gross generalization and does not hold true for all institutions.

However, this is a gentle reminder that you do not have to lose your mind worrying about homework! Homework becomes stressful because of having to juggle a million other things on top of having to dedicate countless hours to getting your degree. The stress only gets worse when you join an online course. Even if that does not hold true for you, online courses also become difficult because of the lack of peer support. You aren’t meeting any of the other enrolled students, you might not even know who they are! This lack of social support can make you feel as if you are on your own with no other options of support in sight. This is exactly why hundreds of thousands of students find themselves in the same position as you. It is with your struggles in mind that we here at have hired a group of experts that excel at specific subjects so they can help you succeed academically.

Academic Freedom – The Easy Fix

Whether it is homework, quizzes, tests, exams or even a full class, we focus on providing online homework help services to students just like you. With a team of experts that have years of experience helping students, you can rest assured that your work will be completed on time and with your complete privacy in mind.

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