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The Five Things to Do When Struggling With Math

The Five Things to Do When Struggling With Math

Is completing math problems becoming a problem? You may be wondering what to do if you’re struggling with math. This is not an uncommon problem. In fact, even learners who normally do fine in math may find that they are struggling to keep up once they begin specialized courses like calculus or algebra. Let’s talk about overcoming a struggle with math using practical steps.

Let Your Instructor Know

There’s a good chance that your instructor already knows that you’re struggling if you’ve turned in a few assignments. What’s more, your instructor is going to find out that you’re having an issue if a big exam is coming up. There’s no need to wait for your math instructor to approach you about a problem. It’s a good idea to reach out to discuss what’s going on. Your instructor may actually have some resources that will help you study based on the curriculum that’s being taught in your math class. You may even be able to get a few pointers regarding the best methods for studying to be successful on future exams. It’s even possible that your instructor will be willing to sit down with you to go over any lessons or notes that you’ve found confusing.

Go Back to the Basics

The issue you’re having with your current math class could be the result of poor instruction in a previous class. Are you sure that you really understand the fundamentals of math? It might not hurt to get some refresher materials that are actually geared for the grade level below what you’re studying. It may be that you’re working off of incorrect knowledge or methods.

Do Drills Daily

Studying really isn’t enough in math. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to study yourself into a good score on a math test. Math must be done to be understood. You’ll need to get your hands on some worksheets or online tools for math “drills” to test your skills. Drills should be done daily until you feel confident that you have a practical grasp on the math theories that you’re studying. It’s important not to get discouraged if you don’t do well on drills in the beginning. Simply focus on working your way up to acing your drills little by little. Practice definitely makes perfect when it comes to math!


Being stressed about having trouble with math is a surefire way to keep having trouble in math. It’s so important to come to the table with a clear, relaxed mind. Don’t sit down to work on math assignments if your body is feeling tense and rigid. You may need to take a walk around the block, do some deep breathing or practice meditation to get your mind in the right space to focus on a challenging assignment. The big thing to remember is that being in the right headspace will help you to learn more easily.

Get a Tutor

One-on-one help is often the best solution for overcoming math struggles. Some students simply have a hard time grasping complex math concepts in a traditional classroom setting. You may feel that the instructor is being unclear or moving too quickly. A tutor can help to clarify the areas that are causing you confusion. In addition, a tutor may be able to break things down for you using a method that is different than what you’re being taught in your classroom. A new perspective can often help a student to have a breakthrough for how to handle equations.

Math Struggles Don’t Have to Be Intimidating

Being proactive about math struggles is the best method. Unfortunately, many students wait until they’ve already received bad grades to acknowledge that something is wrong. Make a plan to get on top of math problems today to ensure that passing a class never feels like a struggle!

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