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The Easiest Musical Instruments College Students Can Play

The Easiest Musical Instruments College Students Can Play

Musical instruments are fun to learn and can be a great opportunity to discover a talent or a new passion. Learning to play an instrument has many benefits. It can relieve stress, build your confidence, improve your memory, and help you become more creative. Learning to play a new instrument helps you build your patience and reasoning skills.

However, for a college student, is it too late to learn and master an instrument? Of course not. Chuck Berry, a famous guitarist, learned to play the guitar at 29 years old. Canadian singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen started out as a novelist before he turned into music at 33. 

With that in mind, are you ready to learn to play a new instrument? Here are some easy to learn musical instruments you might consider:


The guitar is one of the most favorite music instruments of choice for the young and old. Interestingly, even at a later age, learning and being good at playing the guitar is quite easy. 

It just requires a lot of practice, which is quite very convenient nowadays. The cost of having a guitar is considerably cheaper than other instruments. It is also very convenient to use. 

You can easily bring it anywhere, giving you more opportunities to practice. There are also plenty of Youtube videos that can help you learn how to play. If a guitar is too big for you, you can try a ukulele. It’s practically almost the same as a guitar, only smaller and with fewer strings.


Unlike before, today’s generation has plenty of access to free tutorials and videos that can help them learn how to play the keyboard or the piano. 

During olden times, only the rich and powerful can afford to buy a piano and hire teachers to learn how to play. Now, there are plenty of opportunities to learn how to play the piano with or without formal classes. To make the task easier, you should at least have basic knowledge in music reading to help you understand music.


The drum is one of the coolest musical instruments there is. There is a certain appeal in playing drums compared to playing other musical instruments. The challenge with learning to play the drums is the access to a drum set. 

Generally, a drumset can cost anywhere from $300 to $1,000 which is quite steep. Practicing can also be quite a challenge especially if you do not have access to music or a soundproof room. 

However, the drumset has evolved through the years and is now more accessible to many. Electric drums can be installed and enjoyed even in a small space making it possible to carry them around for practice. As for learning, it is the easiest to use musical instruments there is. Thousands of tutorial videos are also available online to help you learn on your own.


Another very handy musical instrument that you can explore to learn is the harmonica. It is very versatile to use and can adapt to various music genres like country, folk, jazz, and blues. 

It is a perfect choice for someone who is just beginning to learn how to play a musical instrument. The great things about this musical instrument are that you can practically hit any note and stay in tune. It’s portable and can be kept inside your pocket. Practice can be literally anywhere too.


Another easy-to-learn percussion instrument available out there is the tambourine. It is one of the traditional musical instruments that can be easily used as an accompaniment with your favorite songs. Some are made of metal, wood, and animal hide. Learning is quite easy as long as you have a sense of the beat in your heart.

Overall, learning a musical instrument is much easier than learning a new language. It takes time, persistence, patience, and perseverance, but not as much effort as long as you love and enjoy what you do. Learning to play a musical instrument is quite relaxing too. Although it requires time, learning to play a musical instrument and performing at a close to a professional level is such an accomplishment you can be proud of.

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