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The Best Wearable Technology For College Students

Many college students are interested to get their own wearable technology. It is oftentimes referred to as wearables. For those who are not familiar, wearable technology means any electronic device that you could be worn as accessories and could even be implanted on the skin. Think of it as hands-free gadgets. And if you are thinking of the best ones today, we have a list for you.  

NuMetrex Fabric Chest Strap  

If you want to monitor your heart rate, we highly recommend that you get the NuMetrex Fabric Chest Strap. What’s good with this gadget is that it is also fast drying. So if you will use it while working out or running for long distances, wearing this will not be a problem. You can use this with your smartwatch, smartphones, and even your cardio equipment.  


If wearing a smartwatch is not your ideal accessory if you are on a hike, then this one should do you good. It uses GPS to help you navigate and it will send a mild vibration either on your left or right shoe. This depends on the direction you need to take.  

Fossil Gen 5 LTE Touchscreen Smartwatch  

Fossil has been a classic when it comes to watches, so you can expect nothing less from their wearable technology. This is Fossil’s first LTE connected smartwatch and they are working closely with Google. Having said that, you are sure to get the best. 

JawBone UP  

This is one of the best fitness bands available right now. You will be able to know your sleep cycles that will allow you to move and eat appropriately. You just need to pair this with an app and this will show you accurate insights. There are also challenges that you can take on. And to make it more exciting, you can send your achievements to your families and friends, so they too will be inspired.  

Fin Ring  

Do you want something even smaller? Then we encourage you to try this Fin Ring. You can control your smart devices just by moving your thumb. So if you wish to play games or to even make presentations, this could be a good tool. And just so you know, it works perfectly as you drive. Think of adjusting your air-condition without even having to remove your hands from the steering wheel.  

AirPods Pro 2 

While the technology isn’t new, many college students enjoy using AirPods simply because of the convenience it brings. It’s also ideal for those who have an active lifestyle. If you are still using wired earphones, you better try using this at least once. And we bet you would crave to have your own too.  

AirPop Active+ with Halo Sensor  

With the pandemic still on the rise, wearing a mask is mandatory. And we are seeing this trend in the coming years.  Having said that, why don’t you invest in a mask that will monitor your breathing, and at the same time will tell you when to change your filters?

JLab JBuds  

How about getting clip-ons that could turn your regular sunglasses into a ‘smart’ one? With JLab JBuds, this is possible. This is perfect for those who love technological advances but are on a tight budget. 

Ok, so let’s make things clear. Even if we have listed all the best wearables that you could buy, this is not to say that it’s a requirement. Yes, it could make your life easier, better, and even healthier. But if you are going to drown in debt just because you want to buy wearables, then you have to think of your priorities. Ask yourself if you can live without it. Or, if it is necessary, look for more affordable options. Always read reviews, and make an educated decision.  

Let us give you a few tips on how you can choose your wearable technology. Here are a few questions you need to ask yourself.  

  • What type of lifestyle do you have?  
  • Why are you going to buy one (GPS, fitness tracker, sleep tracker, etc)?  
  • Do you have a budget for it?  
  • Will your other gadgets work with it as well?  

Again, make sure that you think before you actually purchase one. If not, then you might waste a lot of money on a wearable technology that you won’t even enjoy.

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