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The Best Jobs You Can Do In Campus 

Going into college is expensive. Some students are lucky enough to afford to go into a university without having to worry about their finances. But for the rest, they have to grab every opportunity they can to get through each semester. 

Having a student loan is one way to help finance your schooling, but what if it isn’t enough? How about your daily expenses? What are you going to do?

It is where on-campus jobs can help. It gives students a chance to get employed and earn. It is an excellent choice for students searching for a part-time job that would not conflict with their busy schedules.

Going into college is already busy enough as you have to deal with tons of school works, exams, classes, not to mention your extracurricular activities.  This article would show you the best jobs you can do on the campus. 

But before that, you need to understand the benefits of working on campus. 

The most obvious reason is convenience. If you are going to work n campus, then you don’t have to worry about commuting. Also, traveling usually takes the most time for working students, so it is a plus if you can save the time and allocate it for your studies. 

Working on-campus also allows you to meet new people within your university. They could serve as a valuable connection that can help you during your college life. 

Another good reason is that on-campus employers understand that your priority is still your studies; therefore, they are more lenient regarding academic demands.

So now that you understand the benefits of working here, let us move on to the list of jobs you can try out.

Library Attendant

If you like peace and quiet and are into books, then this job is for you. It is the perfect job for students who prefer staying in the library when studying. It would allow you to study immediately after work, plus it gives you access to all the books you will ever need. 

The library attendant’s responsibility is to maintain a conducive study environment. They are the ones who keep peace within the library, reminding other students to stay quiet.

Mailroom Attendant

Most college dorms have a mailroom where students can send and receive their packages and mails. Working here allows you to get to know the people in your dorm and is a great way to interact with your fellow students. 

Working in a mailroom does not require too much activity; therefore, you would have time to study during your downtime.


If you love coffee, then you will fit in this job. Not only would it give you access to free drinks, but it would enable you to save money and earn at the same.

You can also develop many skills with this job, and it is not just about making coffee. You learn how the business functions, and you can practice your social skills by learning how to communicate with your customers. 

Teaching Assistants

If you are good in your class or have a teaching gift, you might want to consider becoming a teaching assistant. Your role would be to assist the professors in handling a class, or you could act as a proctor during exams. 

It is also an excellent way to build a rapport with your professor since you can establish a good professional relationship.

Research Assistants

Becoming a research assistant is an excellent way to brush up on your researching skill, which is suitable for your portfolio. What is also good about this job is learning new things that you don’t usually encounter. There are different kinds of research. It may involve science or a background search for history, sociology, physiology, or English.

Peer Tutor

If you excel in a particular subject, why not put it into good use and start tutoring other students. You can either advertise your services through your social media account or flyers. Or you can check your university if they have a formal tutoring position available for you. 

There are tons of other jobs you can try on campus. But remember, if you decide to work part-time, you have to consider that it takes proper discipline to balance your time for school and work. Your priority is your studies. After all, you are working because you want to finish college, so make sure that it is still on top of your to-do list.

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