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The Advantages of New Graduates Vs. Seasoned Professionals

It has always been a debate on whether or not it is better to hire new graduates vs. seasoned professionals. During the recent pandemic, many people have lost their jobs, and now things are starting to get back, so is the need to hire new employees.

But now, the competition is not just between newly graduates as there are seasoned professionals who are also eyeing the same position. So who would be better to fill in the position?

Some may argue that hiring new graduates is more time-consuming and requires more resource allocation since employers have to train them and guide them more. It results in a lengthy onboarding time compared to those experienced applicants. 

But if you already have an experienced staff in your workforce, then bringing in soon-to-be pros is an excellent way to balance your force.  Here are some of the advantages of hiring new graduates.

New Graduates Provide A Fresh Perspective

We all know that as time flies, so is the technology and the current trend. By employing new graduates, the company opens itself to a new breed of employees, bringing in a new set of ideas that can help the company adapt. In this day and age, a company’s success relies on its ability to adjust, and hiring fresh graduates is an excellent way to jumpstart this.

They Have An Intense Thirst For Knowledge

The thing with younger generations is that they are excited and eager to prove themselves in the real world. This aggressive behavior allows them to be more productive and not be afraid to answer and seek questions. They tend to think more outside of the box and have more flexibility in learning new things. Fresh graduates can often adapt to different cultures quickly and are more open to trying various working styles.

Fresh Graduates Are Like A Clean Sheet of Paper

Have you ever heard of the saying, “it is hard to teach old dogs new tricks?” It can also be true to people. Experienced professionals tend to do things based on what they are used to, mainly if they have been accustomed to it for a long time.

On the other hand, this becomes an advantage for fresh graduates since by hiring them, employers can train their pool of talents based on their desired culture and ethics. It allows employers to shape them to fit their company structure the way they want it.

They Are More Inclined To Use Technology

New graduates such as millennials and those coming from Generation Z grew up in a world saturated with technology. It enables these generations to adapt to the latest technology, making them valuable assets to a company.

Our world today has become technology driven, and this plays to the advantage of new graduates. Their ability to pick up and learn new technology in a short period of time is essential for an employer trying to succeed in a quickly evolving world. 

The Youth Is The Future

According to a recent survey, students and recent graduates are the fastest growing demographics in various social media and professional platforms. It is why many companies are engaging with them as early as now to secure their position as they grow and advance their careers. The youth are the future leaders; therefore, having them in any company’s staffing pool would be an advantage in the long run.

It Reduces Salary Costs

This argument may be countered by the fact that it takes longer to train new graduates than experienced employees, hence more resources spent. However, the recent graduate’s lack of experience enables the company to offer a lower salary than those further into their career.  At the end of the day, the goal of the business is to earn a profit; therefore, saving on a salary can have a favorable financial implication to the company.

As much as it is an advantage to hire new graduates, it is also not healthy to have a totally new workforce lineup since you still need experienced professionals to guide and hone the newly hired. These professionals are also responsible for keeping the company’s operation going. That is why it is vital that when hiring, everything is balanced out.

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