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The 4 most popular graduate majors trending for 2020

If you’re getting ready to start college in the near future, among the most important decisions that you’ll make involves the major that you choose. Keep in mind that the major you select will play a substantial role in determining which career paths are open to you once you graduate. The following provides a guide to four of the most popular majors that are trending this year.

Operations Research

Operations research is a kind of major that involves applying analytical methods for the purpose of making better and more informed decisions. The coursework that students are tasked with studying covers such subjects as computers, statistics, and advanced mathematical modeling. The goal of operations research is to help solve real-world problems, which can include everything from large-scale scheduling to mass transportation.

Many students who major in operations research will minor in business management, which allows for broader career options. Likely the most common career that graduates enter after majoring in operations research is a career as an operations research analyst. The median salary for an operations research analyst in the U.S. is just over $137,000.

Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum engineering has quickly become one of the more popular majors for students to select. Gas and oil are essential resources nationally and internationally, which means that a major in petroleum engineering will allow you to begin a career in a field that has high demand.

Petroleum engineers are tasked with locating gas and oil resources, creating methods that can be used to remove these resources from below the surface, and determining how to effectively keep gas and oil wells profitable. The starting median salary for students who graduate with a degree in petroleum engineering is around $85,000. However, the mid-career salary for someone in this position is closer to $175,000.

Computer Science

Computer science is a highly popular college major that can be very useful for anyone who wants to enter the technology field once they graduate from college. This major focuses on the study of information and computation, which extends to the design of applications, hardware, and software. The job opportunities for students who major in computer science are also varied and are available at nonprofit organizations, small businesses, and large corporations.

While nearly every business requires employees that understand computer science and have majored in the subject, some of the top projects that computer science majors are integral for include data mining, self-driving cars, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity. During the course of completing a computer science major, you will spend most of the time improving your programming and coding skills. The top careers available for computer science majors include applications developer, systems analyst, and software developer. The median salary for these careers is just above $100,000.


Physics is a fantastic major because it provides graduates with knowledge that can be used in many different types of careers. Physics is a subject that involves the study of the behavior and motion of matter. Many students who obtain a physics major will work in research facilities across various industries or work as engineers in a variety of fields.

It’s also possible to begin a career in academia once you have received a degree in physics. To excel at physics coursework, you should have an aptitude for science and calculation. The median salary for individuals who obtain a physics major is around $102,000. Research roles are particularly advantageous and will provide you with a high salary.

To identify which major is right for you, it’s recommended that you consider all of your options and identify which job titles are most sought after by employers. With this information in mind, you can select a major that’s popular while also providing you with some fantastic job prospects. If you have majored in physics or computer science and find that the testing and coursework are too difficult for you, our experts can help you complete this coursework and any tests that you have while making sure that you obtain a high grade.

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