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The 10 Highest Part-Time Paying Jobs While In College

Students manage to find all kinds of part-time jobs that suit their experience, interests, and needs while in college. Most try to earn more than minimum wage, and many prefer to work in a position that provides tentative work experience for their eventual careers. The following jobs require only a high school diploma and are widely available. The Indeed Career Guide indicates the estimated average hourly pay rate for each job, all of which exceed minimum wage.

Bank Teller

If you plan to earn a degree in finance, you may want to get a part-time teller job at a local bank or credit union. The estimated hourly pay rate is about $13.16, and you could make some valuable professional connections in this position.

Construction Worker

At $15.08 per hour, this work may be light, as in carrying or setting up job supplies and equipment, or heavy, in requiring hard labor for much of the day. Students who like working with building materials at construction sites and who have plans to get an engineering or architect degree may find part-time work of this type to be useful.

Data Entry Clerk

With a job in data entry, you can expect to earn an average hourly wage of $14.02. This job involves keying information into electronic databases and forms for a variety of purposes. It is largely sedentary, repetitive work.

Food Service

From a hostess position to bussing tables, restaurant or counter work usually pays higher than minimum wage except for positions that also earn tips. This job can be enlightening if you are majoring in hospitality management. The amount of tip earnings will vary widely, depending on the establishment.


Lawn care, garden maintenance, and snow shoveling are common tasks associated with this job. Some janitorial work may also be expected in certain positions. You might be able to earn an estimated $12.61 per hour based on the employer’s pay scale.

Help Desk Clerk

At $18.38 hourly on average, working the help desk at many companies is not highly demanding, and schedules can be flexible for college students. You may be trained for this position to assist customers with questions or directing them to the appropriate departments.

Medical Secretary

Part-time earnings can average about $14.07 per hour. The work involves maintaining patient files, updating records, scheduling appointments, and coordinating treatments or surgeries with local facilities. You may be asked to transcribe doctors’ notes after patient visits, although medical transcription is often outsourced to experts trained for that job.


If you prefer active work that utilizes creativity, you might be able to find a part-time job as a house painter or a painter’s assistant, earning about $15.84 per hour.

Transport – Driver

Truck drivers can make between $300 to $2,400 weekly full-time, so divide those figures by the number of hours you can work part-time for an idea of potential earnings as a delivery truck driver.


Many tutors earn between $10 and $20 an hour, but some can earn more than $40 hourly depending on the subject and difficulty level.

Whatever your interests, there is likely a part-time job you can do while in college. However, some have more scheduling restrictions than others, and pay rates vary widely.

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