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Thanksgiving Travel Advice For College Students

Thanksgiving Travel Advice for College Students

College students who spend a lot of time away from home look forward to the holidays, especially during Thanksgiving. The annual celebration is also a few days away from Christmas and is indeed a very fun time of the year to finally relax and spend time with the family. 

However, with the threats and worries that come with Covid-19, students and households alike are worried about the possibilities college students may encounter as they find their way home during the holidays, in the middle of a pandemic. Although tests and quarantine procedures are already established, extra precautions should be taken to ensure the safety of the students and the people waiting at home.  Here are some important tips to keep in mind as college students go home for Thanksgiving.

Safe Travels for College Students for Thanksgiving 2020

Going Home is Safer than Staying on Campus

Although there are certain risks in traveling with the Covid-19 virus still around, going home is safer compared to staying on campus. Students usually gather in groups, despite strict advice and restrictions implemented on campus. Going home rather than staying on campus exposes you to fewer people and may help limit the risks of spreading the virus. Food is also quite difficult for students staying on campus. Most universities implement food rations that can sometimes be insufficient, or unhealthy for most students.

Ideally, students should do a quarantine before coming home. If they can isolate themselves for 14 days before going home, it lessens the possibility of bringing the virus home to their loved ones. Practicing social distancing and wearing a mask in public may also help.

Get Tested

Students should not completely rely on a negative coronavirus test. The possibility of getting the virus after taking the test is still there. It is still advisable to practice self-quarantine and do social distancing when you arrive home. If possible, do a self-quarantine after being tested and avoid public transportation if possible.

If you can drive home or ask someone to pick you up on campus, you should do so, to lower the risks of getting the virus. Do a self-quarantine as you arrive home and wear a mask even indoors. Practice hand washing protocols and try to avoid interacting with the elderly and high-risk members of the family during your self-isolation. 

Secure Your Personal Belongings

The virus is not the only thing to be worried about when you go home for Thanksgiving. Ensuring that your personal belongings are secure as you travel home is also important. A checklist can help a lot in determining whether you are packed complete for the holidays. It is also important that your dorm rooms are secure before heading home. Sanitizing your belongings may also help in lowering the risks of bringing home Covid-19 to your homes.

If possible, send your clothes to the laundry as soon as you arrive. It pays to be extra diligent during this time of pandemic.

Be Flexible With Your Thanksgiving Plans

Although it would be fun to meet up with the whole family and enjoy a nice Thanksgiving dinner with the whole clan, the current situation does not permit to safely do so. Families can also take the time to enjoy a more intimate celebration with your loved ones for Thanksgiving this 2020. 

Instead of your usual potluck and get together plans, families should stick with virtual celebrations to connect with loved ones located afar. Take advantage of using technology to catch up and be “virtually” present with the people you hold dear this holiday season. You might miss Grandma’s Thanksgiving Turkey this year, but you can still enjoy a Thanksgiving call while keeping them safe at home this year.

Thanksgiving this year is quite different, and most families will have to delay meeting up with friends and families for everyone’s safety. College students should take extra precautions and follow protocols to ensure that they remain safe, as well as the family members that they will go home to this Thanksgiving. With discipline, handwashing, sanitizing, social distancing, self-isolation, and getting tested, spending the holidays with the family is still possible.

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