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Taking Care of Your Eyes After Too Much Exposure to Gadgets

In a world and generation where people are dependent on gadgets, it is quite common to experience issues related to its use. One of these is eye-strain. 

Overexposure to digital devices such as phones, computers and tablets ruins the eyesight, old and young alike.  Prolonged use and digital dependency causes issues in our eyesight.

Effects of Digital Strain to the Eyes

Eye strain can cause headaches, blurred vision, dry eyes and in some cases may cause neck and shoulder pain. There are plenty other detrimental effects attributed to overuse of gadgets, here are some of the most common.

Retinal Damage. This is often caused by the blue-light coming from most of today’s gadgets and devices.

Eye Irritation. When we use our phones, blinking tends to become less frequent. This irritates the eyes and causes them to turn red or bloodshot.

Disrupted Sleep Patterns. Addiction to gadget use can disrupt your sleep that adds up to what causes eye damage.

How to Save Your Eyes from Digital Strain

Now, most of the population spend their time online. They use digital devices and gadgets to connect to the world wide web. With education, work and other industries making their platform and services available online, we can see more of the bad effects of digital strain on our sight.

To lessen the effects of digital strain and to save our eyes from fatigue, there are quite a number of tips to keep healthy, despite being exposed to long hours online. Here are some of these tips you can follow.

Use Quality Eye Drops 

Dry eyes are one of the main causes that irritate the eyes. As we blink less when using digital devices, it becomes dryer. 

To  avoid these, using eye drops as often as possible when using gadgets is advised. It helps keep the eyes moisturized. Working in a humidity-controlled office or location can pull out moisture in the surrounding, causing the eyes to dry up, most especially during winter time. Incorporating a humidifier in your work area can provide some relief for your eyes.

Allow Distance

When working with a desktop computer or a laptop, avoid working too close to the screen. Allow at least 25 inches of space between you and the screen. Position the screen in a way that your eye gaze is directed slightly downward. Being too close puts too much pressure on your eyes. However, being too far may make it difficult to work efficiently too.

Keep The Brightness of Your Screens in Check

Some phone models and computers have features that automatically adjust the screen brightness depending on the time of the day. You can use this feature or manually adjust your screen’s brightness to a level that is comfortable to your eyes. You can even use glass screens to lessen the glare or the brightness that aggravates the eye. A matter screen filter can be helpful too.

Use High Resolution Screens

Although most people do not use CRT screens anymore, prolonged use or time in front of computer screens can still be strenuous to the eyes. It is advised to invest in high-resolution screens that have 75Hz or more refresh rates. The higher the refresh rates are, the better.

When your eyes do not see the pixels, they do not work as hard to make sense of the texts or images that you see from your digital devices. Such reduces strain in your eyes.

Limit the Use of Devices

Although this is quite challenging to follow, the key to reducing eye strain is limiting screen time. The blue light that comes from digital devices stimulates us. When you spend a lot of time using these devices, especially at night, it becomes harder for the eyes to rest. When you do not give your eyes enough rest, issues like irritation, and other eye concerns begin.

Studies show that around 50% of computer and smartphone users experience eye-strain. Thus, paying attention to the health of your eyes is necessary, especially if you spend a lot of time in front of computer screens and mobile devices. Have your eyes checked if necessary. Follow the tips mentioned above to lessen, if not completely prevent eye strain and other eye problems.

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