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Surviving Your First College Party, Best Tips 

If you are a college student, it’s not bad to go out once in a while and party. It’s a fun experience far more different from your reports and term papers. But what if it will be your first time attending a college party? For most people, this can be an intimidating thought. What should you wear? Should you drink? Which parties should you attend to?   

For college students who consider themselves as a noob when it comes to partying, this is the best post for you. We will share tips on how you can enjoy your first college party – the safest way possible.   

See If It Fits Your Schedule  

Before you say yes to an invitation, you need to check your schedule first. Your priority should be studying. Take note that partying should be squeezed in only if you don’t have important things to do.  

Speaking of schedule, it’s best that you know how to plan ahead as early as now. As college students, there are many things to complete. For example, think about your requirements for your professors. Others are also working, which gives them ‘lesser’ time to do school-related activities. 

At the beginning of the school year, plot your plans. Usually, the university will give you the academic calendar. Use that when deciding if you will attend the party.   

Limit Your Alcohol Intake  

We cannot emphasize this enough, but you have to know your limitations. According to reports, 25% of college students jeopardized their academic life because of alcohol consumption. Think about it. Is it worth it?   

Remember, you can always have fun even if you don’t drink too much. Plus, wouldn’t it be nice to recall the fun night rather than wake up confused. 

Know The Emergency Contact Numbers  

If you must know, most colleges already have their emergency contact numbers. You can reach out to them when you are too scared to walk back to your dorm. Always have it at hand just in case you would need it. As much as we want all people in parties to be respectful, we know that it’s not always the case.  

Be With Someone You Trust 

Also, if you are invited to a party and barely know anyone, it’s best to have a buddy. At least you could check up on each other once in a while.   

If it’s an exclusive party and you need to go on your own, at least tell your friends or your roommates your whereabouts.  

Dress Appropriately Yet Comfortably  

While it’s always nice to look presentable, college parties aren’t about wearing the most expensive garments. In fact, wearing your casual clothes should be enough. But for ladies, we encourage you to avoid dresses first just in case there will be crazy activities, and you need to become more physical. 

Don’t Invite Others If You Are Not The Host  

If you are invited to a party, do not just bring someone along who’s not invited. If you are not comfortable going on your own, you can give the host a heads up should you want to bring someone else. You will never know if there’s a headcount for the gathering. 

Never Drink And Drive  

This is a no-brainer. But unfortunately, many college students still drink and drive. You are putting your life in danger. And if you have friends with you, you are putting their lives in danger as well.  

It’s better if you don’t bring your car. After all, it’s easy to just call an Uber, and you are good to go.   

Don’t Do Anything You Would Regret  

We know you just want to have fun. But there should be a limit to it. You wouldn’t want to create a wrong impression, would you? 

Now, if others are daring you to do something crazy and a bit dangerous, do not do it. The peer pressure could be too strong, but you might end up in a hospital bed. Just imagine the hassle and the cost you have to incur. 

And worse, what if you get expelled for doing something absurd? Not a good thought, isn’t it?  

Types of Parties 

Just so you know, there are different types of college parties.  

You can be invited to frat parties, house parties, and tailgates. Now, if you are 18, there are bars that will allow you to go in, but you can never drink. But, at least, you can have a look at the scene. And again, you don’t need booze to enjoy.   

At the end of the day, find the right balance. Learn how to have fun, but protect yourself and your friends while doing so.   

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