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Sure Fire Tips To Land An Internship, Best College Guide

Many times, people often wonder if they could land an internship even if they don’t have any experience. Well, you can always start at something and this post will share with you some of the best tips. These will surely increase your chance of getting an internship.  

Join Multiple Clubs and Organizations  

Here’s the good news. You don’t necessarily need to join clubs directly related to the industry that you wish to be in. There are certainly transferable skills that you can leverage on. For example, if you joined sports clubs, then you could foster attitudes of being a team player. Or for example, you joined social clubs that run events. These events will help you become organized, which is also vital if you want to get an internship.  

Look For Jobs Specifically For Students  

When looking for a job, you don’t necessarily have to leave your campus. Just check the bulletin board and see if there are student jobs perfect for your schedule. You could be working in a library or for the publication. These are great training grounds as well. Plus, you would meet different students that could expand your network.  

Look For Workshops  

Instead of relying your knowledge on what books and your professors will tell you, look for other sources such as workshops. At times, these workshops are offered at your university. However, you can always look outside your campus for other opportunities. Choose topics which you could use for the industry you are eyeing for.  

If you want to learn programming, then go ahead and do it. If you wish to become a copywriter, then look for those. And right now, there are even online workshops available. At least you do not have to spend on transportation and other overhead costs.  

Self-Study Necessary Skills  

What’s good with our technology right now is that we can always do self-study. If you must know, YouTube has a lot of resources that could teach you the fundamentals of practically anything under the sun. Test the waters by watching a few videos and take it from there. With a bit of practice, you would be surprised that you would be able to master the skills.  

Volunteer To Different Organizations  

What can also beef up your resume so you can land an internship is if you volunteer to different organizations. These are not confined to doing social works. You see, there are companies who are holding massive events where they ask for volunteers. As they end the events, you will be able to get your certificates. But more than the certificates, the real key takeaways are the experiences and lessons.  

One of our colleagues volunteered for a tech event and she was able to meet different people from various walks of life. She even met startup founders which opened new doors for her. These things cannot be learned from your class. 

Start Your Small Business Or Club  

Now, if you don’t want to get a job in the meantime, or to join clubs, why don’t you start your own? Building something from scratch will teach you many valuable skills which can also improve your CV. Take advantage of that as well.   

Prepare For Your Interview  

Treat an internship as a real job interview. Thus, you have to prepare for it. If you can have your mentor or friends help you simulate a real interview, then do so.  

In today’s age though, online interviews are quite the norm. We recommend that you check your devices and even your internet connection. That way, you would know if your internet speed and your gadgets are good enough to have a seamless interview.  

And speaking of online interviews, we understand that most people would just change their tops, add their blazers, but would wear their PJs to look presentable. However, what we would highly encourage you to do is to wear a full-blown power wardrobe. This could help in conditioning yourself during the interview.  

Review your Resume  

When writing resume, you must be careful with the format, grammar, and spelling. These tiny details can affect the decision of your employer if they will get you as an intern. Check if you are able to include all your achievements or credentials. Plus, if you are to add references, call these persons first and ask for their approval.  

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