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Suffering From Cancer, Tips For College Students

Having cancer can be both emotionally and physically draining, especially when you are a college student. You will have to endure your treatment and recovery while at the same time deal with the pressure of college life. 

Yes, it may be hard, but it is not impossible to overcome. Instead of burdening yourself with the thought of how you will survive this ordeal, why not do things that would make you feel better and live life to the fullest. Here are some tips you can do if you are suffering from cancer.

Have A Proper Mindset

We understand that if you have cancer it is hard to focus on your goal. Naturally, your mind would switch to survival mode and try to focus on your current situation which sometimes leads to loss of motivation to do other things. But only you can help yourself in overcoming this mindset. You need to keep things positive and look at the brighter picture. Keep your eye on your goal. 

If your goal is to attend college, finish it with top honors, and succeed in life after. Once you are able to have a proper mindset, it would be easier for you to live life normally even with your current situation

Keep A Healthy Diet

It is important that you live healthily and part of this is watching out for what you try to eat. You need the energy to do all things required in school. Not to mention the energy you need for your treatment. 

Try changing your diet into a healthier option such as vegetables and fruits, whole grains, low-fat dairies, and lean meat like chicken and fish. If you can’t totally avoid it, try cutting back on processed foods, red meats, desserts such as Ice creams, and high-fat dairy. But don’t get too sad. There are now desserts that are made specifically for those who require no sugar. Same feeling, just healthier. 

Keep An Active Lifestyle

Keeping yourself active can do wonders in your body. It may be hard at first but doing this will help you recover faster and will keep you from getting depressed. It would also keep you mentally and physically strong which is what you need to stay in college. 

There may be times where you would feel like not doing anything but keep yourself motivated and see this as part of your quick recovery.

Keep Connected With Your Family And Friends

Your friends and family could help you get through this. It is important that you keep in touch with them as you will be needing all the support you can get. Don’t be shy to ask for help from them as family and friends really support each other especially in times of need. Your friends at school can help you keep up with your current subjects just in case you missed it during your treatment.

Inform Your School About Your Condition

No school would want to hinder the dream of their student, regardless of what the case may be. If you are suffering from cancer, inform your school as campuses usually provide wealth support such as accommodations and support groups. 

Professors would also understand your case and would adjust your assignment deadlines as necessary. They could also provide a special testing arrangement as they understand that cancer patients tend to suffer from concentration problems and memory issues.

Consider Doing Online Learning Courses

Campuses offer a distant learning option for the student to continue taking courses even off-campus. Using online learning courses would allow you to complete your requirements while you are recovering outside the campus.

Cancer is no joke. If you are suffering from this, do not be scared and do not lose hope. You will be able to surpass this. You just need to keep your motivation and spirit high. Fight and do not give up.

Now, if you are someone who has a college friend who has cancer, support them. This is the time they would be needing you the most. It does not have to be financial assistance but your moral support and presence. Let them know that you are there and will help them go through it. 

While cancer can be scary, it can be cured.

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