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Studying In Barcelona, What Are The Best Things To Do?

We always encourage our readers to take advantage of student exchange programs for different reasons. Apart from learning new things, you get to appreciate the culture and be able to experience something different from what your home offers. While adjusting can be a bit hard, you should maximize what the city or place has to offer. Thus, it would be a great idea to list down things to do as you take the international exchange program.   

Now, if you are about to study in Barcelona, this is the best source to bookmark.   

To begin with, Barcelona has so much to show you. The architecture is phenomenal, the food is to die for, and the culture is just too rich to ignore. Let us help you on how to enjoy your stay while taking care of your university grades.    

Take Advantage Of Your Student Discounts   

Like in most cities, students in Barcelona can enjoy many discounts. Use that to your advantage. If you can enter museums and other parks for a fraction of the cost, then do so. Remember, learning is not confined to universities and classrooms. You need to go out there and bank on different experiences first-hand.   

Use The Metro   

Just in case you are not used to a place where trains and subways are commonly used, then you have to use it when you are in Barcelona. Don’t worry, it’s easy to get used to it, and you would soon realize that it’s highly convenient. Plus, you get to go around Barcelona with such ease. Get a metro card, and this shall save you a lot of stress.   

Try Out Tapas and Beer   

When in Barcelona, don’t miss out the tapas and beer. It’s a great way to connect with locals and make friends. This is also a different way to understand their culture and language. But of course, make sure that you drink moderately and that you are with someone you truly trust. After all, you are still in a different country, and protecting yourself at all costs should be practiced all the time.   

Don’t Be Afraid To Dress Up   

If you are used to wearing simple clothes such as tank tops and sandals, things are different in Barcelona. People love to dress up, and you shouldn’t be surprised if you feel like you are in a fashion show every single day.   

Be Cautious Of Pickpockets   

While a beautiful place, many people take advantage of tourists and exchange students in the area. You must be careful and beware of pickpockets. As a rule of thumb, always keep your valuables. And if you are carrying a backpack, make sure to place it in front. We know it can look odd, but that’s way better than losing your phone or wallet.   

The Nightlife Can Be Extremely Fun   

If you are an exchange student in Barcelona, don’t be surprised that your schoolmates will often invite you to go partying at night. While fun and tempting, make sure you have enough self-control not to join them, most especially if you have an exam the day after. Of course, you can do so when the time permits. But as always, be a responsible adult and gauge if your schedule will allow it. It’s ok to say NO if necessary. You still have more nights to go with them.   

Don’t Miss La Mercé Festival  

Hopefully, you are in Barcelona in September. If you are, you should never miss La Mercé Festival. It’s a fun parade where you will see papier maché giants. Plus, you get to witness their traditional Sardana dance. If lucky enough, you can witness pyro-musicals and even human towers.   

Watch Out For Unnecessary Expenses   

Since Barcelona is such a beautiful city, you would want to try out a lot of things. If you have the means, then we say go for it. But if you are working on a tight budget, make sure that you prioritize. Choose places where you can tour for free. Or again, use your discounts. Always plan your weekend getaway and don’t overspend. At the end of the day, you are in Barcelona to study. That’s your primary reason, and don’t let it suffer. Do your best to pass all your subjects and bring home amazing learnings. Keep in mind that it’s all about balance.   


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