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Studying At Home Vs. Studying Overseas

Studying At Home Vs. Studying Overseas 

You are almost done with your senior year, and now you are faced with a hard decision. Is it better to study in your home country or abroad? It is a given fact that studying abroad opens an opportunity for students to explore the world and learn about different cultures and expand their network. It would also look good in their portfolio once they try applying for work. But is this reason enough to conclude that studying abroad is better than studying in your own country?

Here are some things you might want to consider before you make that life-altering decision.

Career Options

Your decision should consider your interest and career goals. Do the universities in your home country offer the right courses that would suit these things? Different universities in different countries have their specialties. Some campuses are known for their math and science fields, while others excel in arts and literature. 

Depending on what career you want to pursue, it would be advantageous if you go to a university that would hone your skills and give you the knowledge you need to be successful in your chosen profession. 

Your Financial Capability

It is one of the most significant factors when deciding whether to study abroad or at home. Studying abroad is more expensive compared to studying at home. Besides the tuition fees, you need to consider other expenses such as travel expenses, board and lodging, your daily expenses, and more.

Also, well-known universities do not come cheap. Often they have higher tuition fees than less-known schools though, in return, you are getting the highest quality of education. Fortunately, various institutions and government programs offer assistance to those who want to study abroad. Universities also grant scholarships to students who display extraordinary academic performance or athletic skills. 

Getting Affiliated With The Best Universities

It is one advantage of studying abroad, especially in a top-ranking university. It provides an outstanding credential that is an advantage when you are searching for a job after graduation. Though there are schools in your home country that are recognized by local employers, graduating from a prestigious university will give you that edge not only with the companies in your own country but multinational companies worldwide. Since these universities are considered the best worldwide, companies would prefer applicants who graduated from these schools.

Studying Away from Family

If you are the kind of close-knit person to your family, you might want to reconsider studying abroad. Going to another country means you will spend less time with your family and lesser chance of being with them during short holidays. Though eventually, you will have to be independent whether you study abroad or not, studying at home would be a better option if you are still not ready to part ways.

Language Barrier

Unless you are going to study in a country that has the same language as you do, like the US and the UK, it is more likely that you have to learn how to speak the local language of your country of choice. Though learning how to speak in multiple languages is advantageous, it would be hard at first and sometimes causes anxiety to the student. Imagine going to a place where you can’t understand a word that people are saying.

If you are willing to exert an extra effort and are eager to learn a new language, this should not be an issue. Otherwise, try to stick to university or a place where you speak the same language.

Health Condition

Are you someone who quickly gets sick or has a congenital disease that you have to watch out for? If yes, then studying abroad might be a risk you have to think about thoroughly. You will be studying in a place new to you and with people you don’t know. If an emergency arises, it would be difficult for you to seek medical assistance as there is no one else to fend for you. Before you decide on studying abroad, make sure that people around you know your health condition.

So which is better? If you want to pursue a course only offered abroad, and you can afford it, then study abroad. But make sure that you also check your options locally. Just because it is local doesn’t mean that it offers less. At the end of the day, your study habits and drive to succeed will be the key factor to your success.

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