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Study Tips to Get College Homework Completed on Time

As a college student, you know that you’re likely going to have homework and tests to study for in most of your classes. Instead of waiting until the last minute to cram a lot of information in so that you can pass your classes, consider a few study tips that can help you learn and retain the information and submit your homework on time.

Get Started

Don’t wait to start doing your homework at the last minute. As soon as you get the assignment, make notes about when it’s due and the details that are needed. You also need to make notes about how your homework should be turned in whether it’s via email or in person. If you get started on your work soon after getting the assignment, then you won’t have a long list of tasks to complete in one or two days.

Set Up A Work Area

Whether you live in a dorm, in an apartment, or you have another housing situation, try to set up an area that’s quiet where you can do your homework and study for tests. A desk and a comfortable chair should be highlights of this area so that you have enough space for all of your books and supplies. Your work area should have plenty of lighting whether it’s from a window, a lamp, or ceiling lights.

Quiet Vibes

While you’re studying, try to keep distractions away so that you can concentrate. Turn off the television and radio, and set your phone to silent so that you’re not disturbed by phone calls or messages. If you need some type of noise, then consider relaxing instrumental music. For some people, this type of music can help retain words and short facts that you study.

Hard Work

Try to get all of the hardest assignments out of the way first. These could require more attention and help from outside sources compared to assignments in classes that you’re a bit more comfortable taking. Don’t be afraid to seek help from a classmate, a teacher, or from a tutor so that you understand the lesson and can complete the assignments properly instead of trying to guess how to complete them.


Don’t think that you have to complete all of your assignments at one time. Work for about an hour at a time and then take a break for about 15 minutes. Get something to drink or something to eat, use the bathroom, or move around so that you’re not sitting in one position for a long period of time. These breaks can help you regroup and get the blood flowing to your brain so that you can think clearly while completing your homework.


After you’ve completed your homework assignments on time, give yourself a reward. It could be a favorite meal, a movie, or shopping. The reward doesn’t need to be something big. It just needs to be a motivation for you to study and get your assignments completed before the day they are due.

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