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Stop Living a Sedentary Lifestyle, Best Outdoor Activities for College Students

Stop Living a Sedentary Lifestyle, Best Outdoor Activities for College Students

We all know that being a college student is no easy feat. You get to have a lot of schoolwork to finish. And in some cases, you have to balance it with your part-time job and your family. But that doesn’t mean you should stay on the couch during your free time. As much as possible, stay away from a sedentary lifestyle.   

You might be running out of ideas, so we’re here to help. In this post, we’ll share you with some of the best outdoor activities that you and your friends can do. That way, you can add some flavor to your otherwise, mundane college life.   

How About Fighting the Heat by Swimming  

It’s always fun to swim, most especially with your friends. Why don’t you invite them to go to the beach, prepare some healthy snacks and drinks, and beat the heat? Forget about your reports and homework in the meantime. It’s time to relax, and you know you deserve it.    

Go for a Weekend Hike   

If you don’t have the budget for a monthly gym membership, then going hiking is way better. There are a lot of spots that are for free, so you only have to cover your transportation cost. Plus, It’s always good to be surrounded by nature. This is especially recommended if your university or college is located in an urban area. At least going for a hike is a breath of fresh air.   

Volunteer in the Community   

Another great outdoor activity is to join organizations with great purpose. How about volunteering to chaperone kids in the park? You can play with the little kids if you want to. You see, you stay active, and you get to be a kid again.   

Dance in the Rain   

So, it’s not the perfect weather to go on a hike? Why don’t you take advantage of the rain and go crazy? Trust us, other college students will join you. It’s liberating and far from all the ‘seriousness’ of being in college. Do it once in a while. But make sure you take a shower after. Otherwise, you’d end up getting sick!   

Play Giant Jenga   

We know we’ve included this activity before in one of our articles, but giant Jenga deserves to be on this list again. As they say, Go Big or Go Home. It will be fun to play this with your dormmates, don’t you think?   

Bike Around Town   

If hiking does not sit well with you, then how about going biking? Instead of getting a Lyft, you can use your bike to go to the mall. It’s eco-friendly, and it helps you stay active.   

We encourage more students to ride their bikes to save the planet. You should do your part as early as now.   

Scavenger Hunt   

You might think that Scavenger Hunt is for kids, but it’s also a great outdoor activity for college students. You can organize the game and promote it weeks before the actual date. That way, you’d have more participants. Of course, have a great prize waiting for the winners.  

Outdoor Yoga   

If there are outdoor yoga classes available, why don’t you check that out? What’s good about this activity is that you also get to be more focused and relaxed. You might not be able to see its effects for now, but it is beneficial for your studies. Not to mention, for balancing your life in general.   

Horseback Riding   

Only a few people tried horseback riding, and if you are not one of them, then maybe this is the right time to try it out. But, make sure that a professional is with you. After all, you wouldn’t want to get hurt, would you?   


It’s about time that you leave your gadgets behind and start doing something different. How about farming? There are a few trips and classes that you can join. The great thing about doing such an activity is that you don’t only learn the skill itself, you get to appreciate the farmers.  

According to studies, the number of people who would like to take this profession decreases over time. And as we all know, farmers have a significant role in our society.   

So, which one is it going to be? Have you decided which outdoor activities you plan to do with your friends? What matters most is that you get out of your couch, expose yourself outdoors, and live a well-balanced life.   

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