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Staying Healthy During Thanksgiving, University Student Guide  

It’s almost Thanksgiving and most of us will go home or will attend different feasts. And as much as you want to gobble up all the turkey and pumpkin pie, you shouldn’t get too excited. Otherwise, you might end up having health issues after. So, how can you stay healthy during Thanksgiving? Here are a few things you need to consider.   

Remain Having An Active Lifestyle   

We are not saying you can’t have a Netflix marathon once in a while. However, you should create a balance. Always exercise and give time to flex those muscles. If you are going back to your hometown, wouldn’t it be a great idea to go around the block? We’re pretty sure you’ve missed it.   

If you are staying in the dormitory, then you can always run around the campus and enjoy the student-less facilities.   

It doesn’t even matter if you stay active indoors or outdoors. As long as you give yourself time to exercise, then you are all good.   

Eat A Good Breakfast   

Don’t skip your breakfast. But make sure that you are eating the right type of foods. That way, you can easily control your appetite. We suggest that you eat a slice of whole-wheat toast and an egg. Your favorite cereal should do you good too.   

And once the feast comes in, you won’t be starving as much and you can carefully select your food.   

Try Healthier Alternatives   

If you are the one who’s going to prepare the Thanksgiving meal, we suggest that you find better alternatives. This is not to say that you should say goodbye to your sumptuous turkey and mouth-watering desserts. What you can do is to find healthier ingredients as substitutes. With a little bit of creativity, you can still make dishes that are delicious yet better for the body.   

Be Conscious With Your Food Portions   

Again, it’s tempting to eat everything on the table. Well, you can do that but make sure that you eat in small portions. That way, you get to taste every dish, but you are still protecting your body from overeating. If possible, skip the dishes that you can always eat on regular days.   

Don’t Go Back For A Second Round   

How many of you are guilty of going back to the buffet table for a second round? Most of us are, right? But, this Thanksgiving, why don’t you try to avoid that? After all, you can still eat the leftovers the day after. That’s way better than eating everything in one day. If you do that, it could cause digestion problems. And well, that means you won’t be able to enjoy the rest of the party.   

Eat Slowly   

You probably know this already but remember to eat your food slowly. This allows you to enjoy your meal and it will keep you satisfied. Thus, you won’t need to go back for a second serving. A great technique is to start a conversation with your loved ones while eating. Start reminiscing the old days.   

Don’t Get Drunk   

Alcoholic drinks seem to be a staple during Thanksgiving. But that doesn’t mean you should drink more than your limit. Make sure you are hydrated so you can also avoid hangovers.   

Talk To Your Loved Ones More   

Thanksgiving is not just about the feast. More than that, you have to appreciate that you are surrounded by the people you love. Take this time to update them about your life, or ask them what they are doing too. The fun of telling stories will make you forget the food.   

Clean Up Instead Of Eating The Leftovers   

Instead of waiting for the leftovers, make yourself productive by clearing out the buffet table. Obviously, it takes away your mind off the food.   

Have A Post-Meal Walk   

How about starting a new tradition at your home? After a heavy meal, wear your walking shoes and invite your relatives to walk with you. Go to the nearest park, place a mat, and continue your conversation there. The young ones can also play around. It’s definitely a win-win for everyone. 

Invite Your Friends To Workout The Next Day   

And if you have friends within your neighborhood, call them up the next morning and ask if you can go for a quick run. At least you can burn the calories from the feast last night. Plus, you are starting the day right.   

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