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Starting Your YouTube Channel, Tips For University Students

As a college student, you must prepare your online portfolio as early as you can. This isn’t to become famous – but that’s a good motivation too. However, when you have a visible online portfolio, your employers and hiring manager could easily assess if you are a good fit.

Creating videos should be one of your priorities during college, and you should maximize YouTube to publish these. Here’s a quick guide if you wish to start now.

Think About Your Content

When you are building content, it is important that you think about what you are passionate about. For some, this might not be a great idea since they would want to monetize their YouTube account, and they would rather do what people would love. So the best solution for now is to think about your objective.

If you just want to share what you love, then that’s probably easier to determine. But if your YouTube channel is your potential source of income, then you might want to think of content that you are willing to learn and will be a big hit for a wide audience

Yet again, most successful YouTubers are doing videos that are extremely comfortable for them.

Stop Thinking About Expensive Equipment

Some people might think that you need expensive equipment to start your YouTube channel. That’s far from the truth. You can even start making one using your smartphones. And yes, the editing software could be within your phone as well.

If you will notice, there are even successful movies that were shot using iPhones. If this was possible, then creating a YouTube channel using mid-tier equipment should be fine.

Watch Other YouTubers

When you are about to start your channel, we recommend that you watch as many videos as you can. Ideally, go for the ones with a big following. That way, you can get tips on how to build your own. Plus, you can check out how they engage with their viewers.

You see, posting videos isn’t enough. You also need to respond to the comments and acknowledge those who took the time to watch what you’ve posted.

Don’t Make Offensive Videos To Gain Clicks

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who create videos just for mere clicks, likes, and subscribers. And they do extremely crazy antics just to get noticed. As much as you can, please avoid that path.

While YouTube is a good channel, it’s getting sadder because the content you see is mostly non-sense. And if you are a creator who’s like that, do not expect that you will last long. It would be better to just have a few followers where they could get valuable content from you than to be a big shot yet a negative influence for many.

Don’t Be A Perfectionist

You probably think that you need everything to be perfect for it to be YouTube-worthy. You are too self-conscious to the point that you’ve shot yourself several times.

Here’s the thing. You don’t need to be extremely perfect. In fact, most viewers would like to see what’s real and what’s raw. If you have zits on your face, you don’t have to use a filter. If your house is not that big or filled with clutter, then go ahead. You do not have to pretend and you would soon realize that people will love you for that.

Don’t Let Negative Comments Affect You

Once you are getting traction, don’t let it get into you. Just try to respond politely. Or if you think you are being harassed, just simply delete it. Remember that there will always be trolls. You should ignore them instead of entertaining what they say.

Share Your Videos Using Different Platforms

We understand that sharing videos using your personal account can be awkward. But if you wish to grow your channel, you shouldn’t think about what your friends would say. As long as your content is clean and you are not offending anyone, you should continue what you are doing.

At the end of the day, just enjoy documenting what you love. And at the same, have a ready-made portfolio that you can freely share with your employer or hiring managers.

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