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Starting Your Own Social Media Marketing Agency, University Student Guide

Starting your own social media marketing agency while studying n college is possible. But this is not to say that it’s easy. In fact, it can be exhausting. However, if you take it seriously, it can give you a lot of learnings, and a good amount of income. Let’s talk about the pros and cons, and how you can establish your own agency even in the comforts of your own dorm.   

Let’s talk about the advantages first. Obviously, having your own agency means you will call the shots. And of course, with more people and brands needing social media management, this could be a lucrative business.   

But this is not to say that building your own agency is all rainbows and butterflies. It takes a lot of effort, time, and even money to be sustainable. Still, if you are passionate about running your business, and you are interested in the industry, then this post is for you.   

Invest In Industry Knowledge   

Most people think that social media marketing is just a mere posting of images and caption and trying to get your posts viral. But in reality, there’s real science and logic behind it. There are principles which you need to understand. In addition to that, there are trends that you have to update yourself. Otherwise, the things you know right now might be obsolete.   

This means, you have to invest in learning about social media marketing. There are a lot of references online. But we encourage you to take a full-blown course so that you can already have an unfair advantage in the market.   

Think Of What You Want to Offer   

If you must know, social media marketing is a broad concept. While you can offer everything, taking that route can be overwhelming. If you are just testing the waters, try to choose a specialization and focus on that. Perhaps, you can work on strategic consultancy, social media advertising, campaign launch, graphics, and a whole lot more.   

Set Your Pricing   

Aside from thinking about the services to offer, you need to check the market rate. Think about how much you need to ask for your services. You can study your competition and even write down all the resources you need for a project. List it down and add the cost.   

While it can be tempting to work for free for your friends and families, we recommend that you set standard pricing even at the onset. You need to put real value in your work. If you are still not comfortable, then you can offer them discounted rates. But just make sure you are compensated well because it will take effort and other resources to complete a social media marketing project.   

Focus On Your Market   

You might want to get as many clients as you want, but in reality, you have to be focused. Think of a niche where you believe you can create a strategy. For example, do you want to focus on the social media marketing of small and medium enterprises? Which specific industry are you likely to understand in-depth? Is it about sports? Would you like to penetrate the fashion market? Or would you like to work on education?   

This is essential because social media marketing strategies vary from one industry to another. We recommend working for a niche that you naturally love. That way, you won’t get tired of understanding the nitty-gritty and everything in between.    

Build Your Portfolio and Website   

Don’t expect that customers will start pouring in when you begin your agency. As we’ve said, this could take time. And while you are waiting for your big break, make sure that you are preparing your marketing materials and building your brand’s social media pages.   

This could be your case study just in case your potential client asks for it. Treat your website and social media accounts seriously.   

Legalize Your Business  

If you want to get real clients, then make sure that you are a legal entity and you have completed all the necessary documentation and government regulations. This will earn the trust of different companies.  

Be Patient   

Perhaps you might think that you are not in the right direction if no clients are inquiring after months of establishing your agency. Yet again, that’s the normal course of things. Eventually, if you are consistent with your marketing, you will be able to attract the right audience and get clients naturally. But of course, don’t rely on luck. As always, create a strategy and change it if necessary.   

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