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Starting A Tshirt Business, Best College Guide

Just in case you have spare time, why don’t you start a business. It’s a great way to break a routine, learn more things, and potentially earn. With so many business ideas around, what do you think is the best one right now? 

We suggest that you try out doing t-shirts. If this sounds good to you, then this post could be your guide.

How Do You Start A T-Shirt Business 

We will walk you through on how to start your t-shirt business seamlessly.

Choose Your Selling Platform

To start your business, you need to decide how you would like to sell your product. Yes, you can opt to do the traditional way of selling. But using Ecommerce would help you reach a broader market. 

You see, traditional selling techniques would only limit your sale to the people around you. E-commerce would allow your business to grow even outside of your community. There are various platforms available online such as eBay. Choose the one where you can easily set up your virtual shop. 

Select Your Niche and Target Market

Choosing your target market would help you create a more defined strategy. As much as you want to serve the whole world, businesses don’t work that way. It’s going to be more effective if you are selective with your market so you can work your marketing anchored on their behavior. 

But for college students, it might be best to target your same age group because ‘you are the market’. Thus, you can skip all the heavy research.

Search For A Reliable T-shirt Supplier

Once you have established your market, it is time to find a shirt supplier. There are multiple suppliers that provide different styles of shirts. Just a quick online search and you will have multiple options. 

Try to write down your requirements so you can narrow down the top suppliers. Also, don’t be afraid to negotiate. Emphasize that you are going to buy in bulk. In most cases, they would offer you discounts.

It would also be nice to get a supplier with the best logistic option to minimize your overhead cost.

Find A Credible Printer

If you have the budget to get a printer of your own, then go ahead and invest one. However, it if is too much for you, then using third party suppliers is not a bad idea. 

As you are still starting up, it is good to have a feel of how the business would run first before putting in more investments. 

Hiring a printer would eliminate the cost of buying an equipment. Plus, you can save time on not doing the actual printing. Just give them the shirts, and you are good to go. 

Remember you still have your studies to work on, and that is your priority.

Create Your T-Shirt Design

Since you were able to boil it down to your niche market, it is now easier to think of designs that would interest them. You don’t have to worry about thinking of too many designs as you only need to create what is effective for your market. 

You can create your own or you can hire the services of a graphic artist and let them make the design for you. There are many freelancers today. But if we are to suggest, look for students within the same university . That way, you can also showcase their talents. 

Start A Website And Build Your Audience

It’s now time for you to start marketing and selling your products. Create a website where you can upload all your designs. Take note that you have to make it simple and readable. Look at other websites offering the same products and you can lift ideas from there.

Use Social Media For Marketing  

Use social media platforms to create product awareness. Social media platforms are one of the best marketing tools available. It allows you to reach your market more effectively, and you can try and boost your ads by paying a small fee. 

Work With Influencers 

You can also send emails to bloggers and other organizations to increase your network. If your budget permits, you can even send them freebies. A shoutout can go a long way, and you have to be prepared with your inventory. 

What is nice about this business is that it is a good training ground for entrepreneurs. It gives you a front-row seat on how to create an empire. 

Just remember, at the end of the day, you need to make sure that your business does not get in the way of your studies. Otherwise, ask for help so you can balance both. 

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