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Starting A Candle Business In College  

Candles can be a good business for college students. This is especially true for those who would like to have a relaxing ambiance after a long day in school. So, if you have the passion to do it and would willing to balance your school and business, here’s the perfect post for you.  

Create A Solid Business Plan  

No matter what your business is, a solid business plan is essential. This is where you identify your startup costs, your target market, your price point, and of course the name of your business.  

We have to warn you. This is no easy feat. In fact, it’s not overnight that you can finish a business plan. Some people might need days or even weeks to perfect it. That way, they have a ‘bible’ once they operate a business.  

Creating a business plan is also important if you wish to tap investors in the future.  

Attend Different Candle Making Classes  

You love candles, sure. But are you aware of how you are going to make one? And just so you know, there are different candles that you can offer to the market. It’s always good to know the variety so you can expand your products soon.  

We also took the liberty of listing the materials you need to kick start your business.  

wax, wicks, containers, essential oils, coloring agents, packaging supplies 

Don’t Forget Your Website  

While you are busy working on your product, it is also critical that you start working on your website. If you must know, a business that do not have an online presence might not reach its full potential.  

You can always create a simple website using free software. And once you get enough traction, make sure to improve it, including its security features. That way, you can launch a full-blown e-commerce website where you can accept orders 24/7.  

Make Your Business Legal  

If you want to make your candle business big, it’s better if you start it legally. You need to work on different documentations. Don’t forget about the fees and tax you have to file. It’s best if you work with professionals with this so you can be guided.  

Another reason why we encourage you to make it legal at the onset is so you have more chance of closing deals. You see, people have natural trust issues. If they see that your business lacks documentation, they might be hesitant to transact with you. Again, that’s a business opportunity going straight down the drain.  

You should also open a bank account so you can separate it from your personal money. That’s one of the common mistakes of rookie business owners. They think they can easily manage their finances if they only have one bank account for personal finances and business. We have to tell you, that can be downright confusing.  

Be Aggressive With Your Marketing  

Let’s be honest. There are many candle businesses all over the globe. And that means, the competition can get tougher by the minute. Thus, you have to be aggressive with your marketing. This doesn’t mean that you have to spend too much money. But a well thought out plan is essential.  

Also, do not underestimate the power of social media. Use that to your advantage. As early as now, create a business page and post some teasers. You can even ask your friends to share your page.  

However, do not get frustrated if they don’t support you at first. Just keep doing what you are passionate about and you should be good.  

Find The Right Location  

If you are living in a dormitory, we do not recommend that you make your candles there. That could be extremely dangerous. What we suggest is to look for a safe location where you can go all out. You can also keep your inventory here as well. That means, look for spots with tight security. If there are certain protocols and regulations, follow these so you won’t face legal actions.  

Expect The Worst  

We are not going to tell you that a candle business is an easy one. Truth be told, no business is too easy. You will have to spend time, money, and effort. In the process, you might even lose a lot of cash. But you need to learn from your mistakes and pick yourself up.  

If you think your business is worth fighting for, then nothing should stop you.  

Get Help

And since you would be extremely busy, we recommend that you get help. There are service providers where they could help you with your homework. Or perhaps, teach someone to do the candles so you can focus on your school. It depends on your needs and current priorities.

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